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This was written on July 12th, so some of this information is slightly outdated now, but I’m leaving as-is. 🙂

Abriella is enjoying being five. HA! Took her to the doctor on Monday for her well-visit. She weighed 38 lbs, which puts her at 50% and she is 42 inches tall, which put her at 75%. She looks great and all checked out fine. No shots this year. In fact, no shots until she is 12 yrs old! She was happy to hear that! 🙂

We are having a party for her on Saturday with a few friends from church and her preschool class. She’s excited about it! We’re having it at the gym at church, and we’ll be using the kitchen a bit for this party. I’ll tell you more about it after we have the party! My mom and Rickey are planning on coming, which is great! Besides helping Abriella celebrate her birthday, they can help hold the Ridster during the party! Tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Briefly, as an aside here, I had them weigh Ridley at the doctor’s office on Monday as well. It’s been 5 wks since he was last weighed, when he was sick. He was 14 lbs, 3 oz at that point (he was the same at that point as he had been at his 4 month appt 1 1/2 wks prior). Anyway, we knew he had chunked up since then. He now weighs 15 lbs, 14 oz, so that’s a gain of 1 lb and 11 oz in 5 wks…not too shabby! They measured his length again too, after the nurse commented that he looked really long (which is what everyone says about him!). She quickly measured him and got 25 inches, which still puts him at 10%. I seriously think he must not be doing something right when they measure him, or they don’t know how to measure him! He sure doesn’t look 10%! He’ll have his 6 month appt soon, and I’m gonna try and make sure they actually measure him correctly! 🙂

So, back to Abriella. What is she doing these days?

*She LOVES to read! She loves to get big stacks of books from the library. She reads way above her level. She is reading books that are up to 3rd grade level. She could probably read above that, but we are sticking to those for now. She loves to read books where she learns facts—books about animals are some of her favorites. She tells us all kinds of random facts about animals. I love how she reads and has a ready recall of what she reads, so good comprehension! During her rest-time each day, she spends most of the time reading. She also does imaginative play (dress-up), puzzles, and plays her V-reader or Colby’s Leapster.  I’ve often found her lounged back on the guest bed with a book in her hands.

*Loves to exercise. 😉 She just finished up 2 wks of swimming lessons today (8 lessons). She is getting more comfortable in the water, but still has some work to do before she’ll be able to swim independently. She loves to “swim” with her puddle jumper on, but I desire her to be able to swim without a flotation device!

*She is back to taking gymnastics after we took a break (when Ridley was born) for 5 months. We did a month at the gym we had been going to. However, I became very frustrated with the chaos and disorganization there, so I tried out another gym that I’ve heard good things about. We loved it!! So, we switched over. I called the other gym and explained to them why we weren’t returning this month. They tried hard to keep us, but they had nothing to stand on against my issues. They agreed all of them were issues. I was nice, but just explained why we would no longer be there.

The new gym is fabulous! We did a trial class last Monday, with Abriella in the 4-5 class and Colby in the 3-4 class. Both did great! They said that Abriella would be better challenged in the Mini-Champs class, which is for 4-6 yr old girls with a bit more ability. So, we went to that this Tuesday, and they also had a 3-4 y/o class for Colby at that time, and he was with another little boy. This gym is very age appropriate, and they keep the student to teacher ratio low, and are just overall very organized. The lady that owns the gym actually developed some kind of preschool and recreational gymnastics curriculum that is published. So, they know what they are doing there. I know they will learn a lot more at this gym, and the price was the same! Bonus is that we are right down the street from Stephen’s office, so he can come by and see the last few minutes of their class each week. I actually look forward to taking then now, whereas I was seeing my time, energy, and money being wasted at the other gym.

*Abriella loves to learn! She loves it when we do “school” at home, giving her different assignments to do. This shall come in handy when we start school officially at the end of August! 🙂

*Does great with some math skills. Can count by 5’s and 10’s all the way to 100. Of course, she can count by 1’s. HA! She is figuring out how to count by 2’s, but still working on that one. She does some simple addition and subtraction as well. From what I can tell from looking at curriculum, I would be best to start her on a 1st grade level this year. I will also start her language arts on a 1st grade level at least, as well. This is if I am doing her fully homeschooled. If she does manage to get into the university model school, obviously, I won’t have that choice. I’m waiting just a bit longer before ordering books to see if she might still get a spot at that school, but I’m thinking we’ll be at home fully this year, and that will be great!

*Loves to color and draw. She is very meticulous when coloring. Sometimes to a fault, as she is always upset when she has to stop coloring at the end of children’s church because she is not done. She is not a scribbler. She colors every part of the drawing and stays in the lines, etc. She will be going to an art camp this next week for ages 5-8, and she’s super excited about that! It’s for 1 1/2 hrs each day.

*Still a bit on the emotional side. Not sure if this is a girl thing or just her. We’re working on learning to use self-control. 🙂

*Loves to sing. Sometimes sings so loudly during the day that I have to ask her to turn it down a bit so that she doesn’t wake Ridley up. HA!

Ok, I’m gonna close this out. I started this nearly a month ago, and it just needs to be published! 🙂

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