6 Months!

Ridley turned 6 months old on Sunday. Boohoo!! That’s a big milestone, and means we’re on the downhill slope to a year! So fast! He had his 6 month appointment on Monday. He weighed in at 15-14 and was 25 1/2 inches long. He’s healthy and doing great! He is our skinniest baby of all.  Both Abriella and Colby were bigger than that at 6 months. He just doesn’t have the chunk factor that the other two did. Here is a “chair” picture for 6 months.

What’s he doing?

*Wearing 6-9 month clothes–moved him up several weeks ago. He needs it for the length (although the doc’s office keeps measuring him at about 10% on length…)

*Rolls to his back all the time in his bed. he’s in that crazy phase where he rolls over and then yells for “help.” they somehow forget that they can roll the other way, too. 🙂

*Getting more into a routine nap schedule (when the siblings activity schedule permits). If he doesn’t get 2 good naps a day, he goes to bed around 6:30 or so. Gets up a couple of times a night to eat.

*Has taken 1 bottle successfully as of late. It is the 4th bottle we’ve tried. We’ll probably start trying sippy cups as well, too, to see if he takes to those. I have a weekend retreat i’m going to in October, so he better figure something out by then!

*motors around in his bed all the time. This cuts down on productive sleep time at times! He does a lot of helicoptering and inchworming and rolling.

*Sits in tripod fairly well.

*We’ll start attempting some baby food now.

*Loves to smile and talk!

*Is a great 3rd baby! He goes with the flow most of the time and is happy about it.


*Drools A LOT!

*no teeth yet

*sweet, sweet, baby!

He has been such an amazing blessing to our family! We are so thankful for you, Mr Ridley!

(aside: I have another blog that I started a couple of weeks ago about Abriella turning 5. I still haven’t finished it yet, so it’s still in draft form)

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    He is such a cutie! Just love that he is so flexible and takes it all with a smile! So precious!

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