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As you recall, we had been put on the waiting list for Providence Preparatory School. After payments were already being made by those enrolled, and none had pulled out, I figured our chances there were gone. And, we were ok with that! I had picked out (and ordered) all of our curriculum to do full-out homeschooling this year. I had even sent in our check for the full tuition for Classical Conversations at the end of last week, the group we’d meet with every Friday for part of our homeschooling. ¬†Stephen and I had talked on Sunday about how this was gonna be a great year of homeschooling and we wouldn’t switch over to Providence after the year started (if that option arose) because it would just be a hassle, so we’d wait until 1st grade to put her there. All was “settled.”

Until Monday.

An email from the head of school at Providence came to me.

A spot had become available for Abriella, if we were still interested! What?! We were completely surprised and then completely conflicted! HA! However, we decided to go ahead and schedule the Family Q&A with the head of school, which is the next step to getting accepted. So, that is this Friday afternoon.

But, we had already “settled” on homeschooling full out, right?! Uggh. So, the discussions began. And, lots of prayer. After lots of discussion back and forth, we decided to pursue Providence for this year! It is what we had desired initially. And, I can return all of the curriculum I’ve already purchased. And, the local director of Classical Conversations had a baby over the weekend, so she hadn’t even opened our envelope with our check. So, she said she’d void and shred the check if we decide to go with Providence. So nice of her!

Today, I ordered uniforms for Abriella (because there is a sale that ends at midnight tonight), just in case.

I don’t foresee learning anything new at the Q&A that would steer us away from them this year. Stephen and I have both been to the informational meetings and talked to the head of school already. So, more than likely, Abriella will be sporting a cute jumper in August for 2 days a week and I’ll teach the lesson plans at home the rest of the week! Best of both worlds!

Continue to pray peace into our decision please! Thank you for the prayers so far!

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    I think that you and Stephen have made a great decision. As you said, the best of both worlds. I think that Abriella will enjoy her time at school and home!

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