Ok, I’ve been informed that my picture posts are a bit lacking lately. Sorry, Little Grandma! πŸ™‚

We are keeping busy around here. Abriella loves Providence.  She was having a hard time for a couple of weeks, but she perked up nicely after she got better from her ear infection! Funny how those ear infections make everything a bit harder. It was a cellulitis infection of the skin in her ear canal, not an inner ear infection. So, she had ear drops that were antibiotics and steroids that we used for a week. Cleared it up nicely! She is doing good on her school days with her classmates, and we’re doing good on our homeschool days. That is an adventure everyday, trying to keep Colby occupied, and keeping Abriella on task. But, it doesn’t take us long to get through the day. We are always done before lunch time, and that includes breaks, taking time out to go nurse Ridley for his morning nap, etc. So, we have lunch, and everybody gets rest time after lunch, just like usual. It’s working well for us. I’m so thankful for this opportunity!

Colby is enjoying preschool. He still tries to get me to keep him home on those days. He says, “I want to do school with you at home.” But, he’s fine when he’s at school, and is doing great. We have just had to do a bit of bribery (Sonic trips after school are always nice, right?!).

Ridley—well, you saw on his 8 month post what he’s up to.

Without further delay, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Here are pictures from Abriella’s pre-K graduation (click on album to go to pictures). Yep, back in May. I know. Anyway, Mom came up for that. It was a sweet program. Abriella said she wanted to be a librarian in the “When I grow up” videos they did. We had just gone to the library the day before they did those videos at school…

Pre-K Graduation for Abriella

Here are a couple of pictures on the day Ridley turned 4 months old (May 22, 2012). Love a sleeping baby. Our bouncer is out of use now, though. Ridley has outgrown it. So sad!

Here’s my little baby-wearing daughter. Guess who she has seen doing that? πŸ™‚ This was also back in May.

Here are some pics from a visit to the splashpad one day in June.

Here are a few from the 4th of July parade:

Here is an album of some of Ridley and his feet. Love when they realize there are feet to play with. πŸ™‚

Ridley and his feet

Here are some pictures of how I found R sleeping one day.

This next album is just blackmail, plain and simple. Well, and good for senior slide shows. HA!

Princess Colby

This next picture is Abriella and Colby as the Lorax. (yes, Colby is in a princess dress here, too…)

So, here we have our Batman Abriella (yes, there seem to be some gender identity issues in our house):

Not to be too alarmed, though. We have plenty of Princess Abriella too!

Ok, now I’m going to do a few posts by themselves.

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