9 Months of Ridley!

I have been remiss in posting what Ridley has done in his first 9 months of life. So, here goes. I am going to try to not post what he is doing since he turned 9 months to be true to the post.

*wearing 6-9 months clothes with a few 12 month outfits thrown in, but those are all big on him.

*stats in previous post.

*breastfeeding still, and prefers that over anything else still. Did take bottles for a weekend while I went to a retreat. He did pretty good according to Stephen! He sure was happy to see me when I got home though. Best homecoming ever!

*takes 2 naps a day at 9 and 1 and then goes to bed somewhere around 6pm. Just started sleeping all night long without waking to eat, so about 13 or so hours! Praying that continues!

*Got his 4th tooth this month (his top left front tooth).

*early in this month, he started crawling on his knees full-time. Well, he can still do a good army crawl, but he goes for the hands and knees crawling now over that.

*pulling up on everything. went through the stage of pulling up in his crib and then crying forever until someone came in there because he couldn’t figure out how to get back down! glad that stage is over!

*We gave up on jar baby food. He just closes his mouth and won’t let you feed him. He does, however, eat many things he can pick up and eat on his own, i.e. crackers, cheerios, puffs, goldfish, etc. Working on expanding that list. He likes to eat on some of our foods, but will gnaw on it and get a chunk of food in his mouth, but then doesn’t swallow it. Then, we have to go fishing it out of his mouth. HA!

*Doesn’t take a pacifier or suck on a thumb or finger. Can’t say I’m really sad about that. No habits to break. Abriella was like this after a short stint with thumb sucking, but she was not a good self-soother. Ridley, on the other hand, does fine without either one. We always thought he might go for his thumb, but he just never did. No pacifiers or thumbs to fight with in pictures, too! Yay!

*Pulls hair. So, don’t get too close to him with your hair dangling in his face! Also, pulls earrings. I am wearing fewer hoop earrings these days…

*Loves to smile! Still our happiest baby!

*Cloth diapers all the way.

*His mobility is harder to deal with when you have 2 older children that do not help to keep the house baby-proofed!

*Loves mommy! I’m still his favorite! 🙂

*babbles and “talks” all the time.

*CAN NOT SIT STILL! He is our wiggliest baby of any of our kids.

*Still in his infant carrier carseat! Our other 2 never made it anywhere close to this far in that baby. Finally getting some use out of it!

*Does well in the car. I think it helps that he had 2 entertainers to look at in the car. 🙂

Super, super, super sweet baby. He has been a light to our family. We thank God daily for this little guy, along with his siblings. Definitely something special about this 3rd baby though!

Here are a couple of pictures of him from last night on Halloween.

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