Ridley at 1 year

Well, we had the well-visit this morning. Ridley is weighing in at a whopping 19 lbs 1 oz. He is between the 5th and 10th percentile on weight. Little guy! He was 28 inches today, but he put up a pretty good fight today, so I suspect he might have been a tad longer, but he’s still on the shorter side. That put him at the 5% for length. His head circumference is 18 inches, which is 25%. So, he’s proportionate on his weight and length, but just little.

I’ll recap his recent medical journey. After Thanksgiving, we came home and took him in and he had a double ear infection. The weekend before Christmas, he quickly crumpled with a fever, and took him in on Saturday morning, and double ear infection. Went to Arkansas to see my grandparents, and he was still on those antibiotics from Christmas. Came home and took Colby in for something, and had the doctor check Ridley’s ears to see if they were clear after the 2nd round of antibiotics he had just completed. They were not. So, round 3 of antibiotics started on Jan 2nd. ENT referral placed by the doctor. Took Ridley in this last Friday, and his ears were finally clear! Yay! Well, he pretty much immediately went to snotty nose, coughing, and congestion after that appointment (actually had started coughing some a couple of days prior). I’ve been using a bulb syringe, using Vicks baby rub on him, and have a humidifier cranked up in his room. He is improved for sure! Doctor said he definitely has fluid in his ears today, but no infection yet. So, she told me to keep suctioning his brains out (which is what Ridley thinks I’m doing! poor guy!) , but if he develops a fever, to email her, and she’ll call in a script for him, since he’s on the route to infected ears again. Praying that we can avoid that this time! He does have an ENT appointment scheduled for March, and he’ll have a hearing test before he sees the ENT doctor (which they require), so we’ll see what comes of that. Anyway, besides that, Ridley got 3 shots today. He was not a fan, of course.

I’ll give the run down of what else he’s doing now!

*still nursing! With the other 2, I was ready to start weaning at a year. With Ridley, I don’t have any plans to wean at this point. He’s a good nurser, and I figure he could use all the help with any immunities he gets from nursing anyway. Plus, I enjoy the extra calories for eating! So, nothing has changed in that area. We’ll see as times goes by. But both he and I are happy with nursing at this point, so no need to do anything differently.

*Starting to wear 12 month clothes more now without them completely swallowing him. Still wears some 9 month outfits too.

*Cloth diapered still. We’ve used disposables for our trips, but always happy to get back to cloth!

*crawling very quickly, pulling up everywhere, cruising, and climbing. We just figured out he can climb the stairs very well! Left the gate open one time and he was halfway up the stairs before we realized where he was! So, Stephen followed him up the rest of the way. So, we let him climb them with us right behind him. He’s gotta get used to that since we do have stairs in the house!

*Eating baby food (finally). He definitely has an opinion on what he likes though! Veggies are definitely low on his like list (not sure where he got that…), but he does like sweet potatoes. He likes yogurt. He likes fruits of several varieties, but his favorites are definitely apple and pears. He will eat the chicken&apple combo as well. At least he’s eating more of a variety now. He still eats finger foods, but he’s at the fun stage where it’s more fun to throw the food off of your tray than to eat it! So, if I can get it in his mouth on a spoon we are better off! HA!

*Very vocal! He likes to yell at a loud decibel. Stephen thinks he’s our loudest child. I recall Colby doing a lot of “gleeful yelling” as well though, so hard to say.

*says words like mama and dadda. Also says what sounds like yes, that, this, night night, and all done.

*Not walking, and I don’t think he’s anywhere close to walking. And, I’m super ok with that! First child, you want them to grow up so quickly. 3rd child…please stay a baby as long as possible!!

*Still in the infant carrier carseat, but that is quickly coming to an end. Just got his new convertible carseat today (great birthday present, eh?). He has made it in the carrier 7 months longer than Abriella and 10 months longer than Colby! HA! But, now, he has decided that the little canopy on it is a good thing to pull over and kick at \, instead of it shielding the sun out of his eyes. Glad he is ok with the sun since the new one won’t have that!

*Loves to pick up the tiniest things on the floor and put them in his mouth. One day, I found a sticker and a piece of our fake Christmas tree in his diaper —it had gone through the system…

*Has recently discovered a love for the kitchen cabinets. We never did really childproof the kitchen well. So, he has his go at lots of stuff. He gets bowls out, cups, etc, and just makes a royal mess and likes to bang metal bowls really loudly on the tile floor, or push them around on the floor, which makes a terribly loud sound as well! He also can be found sitting inside the cabinets throwing stuff out of them. HA!

*7 teeth–4 on top and 3 on bottom. Not sure where the matching bottom tooth is. He’s been a bit lopsided for a while!

*Still thinks mama is his favorite, unless I’m going at him with the bulb suction! He is becoming more fond of his daddy though! Usually wants to be held by him as soon as he gets home from work. Anybody else, he pretty much screams! ha!

*Takes 2 naps a day still. 9am and 1pm. With all of the recent ear infections, he has not been the best night sleeper as of late. When he gets well, he always does better at night. So, hopefully, one day soon, he’ll be back to not waking up at night. Last night, he went to bed at 6:20 and didn’t wake up until 5am to eat, and then went back to sleep until about 7:45. I was happy with that! Still goes to bed around 6pm.

That’s about all for now, I think! He’s a sweet boy! It’s been a fast year. But, as Abriella said when we said he was turning one, “But, he’ll still be a baby.” That’s right, sweet girl. He is still a baby, and we hope to keep him there for a while longer! 🙂

Here are some pictures from the last few days (click on any picture to enlarge it!).

Happy First Birthday, Baby Boy! Can’t wait to celebrate you this weekend!!

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