Ridley’s Birthday Party

This weekend, we celebrated Ridley’s birthday. Mom, Rickey, and Tim came up. And, David and Janet came as well. I truly enjoy having birthdays with family. It is less stress and much more enjoyable to me (not to mention cheaper!). Ridley woke from his morning nap, and we immediately bombarded him with singing and his smash cake. He was so cute as we sang to him. He was just looking around and trying to figure out why everyone was singing to him and taking pictures of him.

It took him a bit to get into the cake. He wasn’t sure what to do with it. Finally, I got a spoon and dug into the cake so he could see the chocolate. He was then a fan! After he got some sugar in him, he was really enjoying things! HA! So, he took the spoon and made a big mess and just talked to everyone for a while from his high chair.

I then got lunch ready for everyone. We had brisket, mashed and sweet potatoes, black beans, salad, fruit, and rolls. Pretty sure everyone had as much as they wanted! Ridley roamed around everyone’s feet and in the living room and the kitchen while we ate lunch.

Then, we went to presents. Pretty sure Colby and Abriella opened all of Ridley’s presents for him. HA! He enjoyed this celebration of his birthday much more than Christmas. He was feeling so crummy at Christmas that it just wasn’t very fun for him at all. So, it was nice to see him enjoy it so much! David and Janet also brought Christmas presents for the kids and us. And, Mom and Rickey brought a few presents from some of Rickey’s relatives that were not able to be at Christmas this year in Katy because of illness.

After all of this, Ridley went down for his afternoon nap, and took a great nap! He enjoyed his party immensely! Happy 1st birthday, baby boy!

Here is a link to the rest of the pictures of the day (including the ones above):

Ridley’s 1st Birthday Party
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