17 months (a little late)

Here is Ridley on his 17 month day on June 22nd. I sat him in the chair and this is the first picture I took as he knew just what to do!

He has been growing a lot lately! He has had a good spell of being healthy, which is a huge blessing! Here is the monthly bullets of what he’s been up to.

*wears mostly all 12-18 month clothes. Still occasionally wears some 12 month clothes, but we are having to phase most of those out.

*still in cloth diapers

*still nursing–he nurses usually about 4 times a day and once at night. (this has changed since he turned 17 months–now he goes all night without waking up).

*has 12 teeth as far as we know.

*fully walking as his primary mode of transportation. finally figured out how to stand up without something/someone to hold on to. After that, there was no turning back!

*still our point and grunt child. he CAN say words, but he chooses not to. haha!

*still uses baby signs though, which certainly helps.

*eating a whole lot more big people food. he will not eat baby food anymore.

*still loves to be held by mommy or daddy, and nobody else! he has gotten better with his Bible class though now that Stephen drops him off instead of me.

*the little guy is smart. he may not talk to us, but he understands very well! Colby and Abriella are always saying how smart he is, and I have to agree.

Sweet boy! Thankful for this little guy. He is growing and his little personality is starting to shine through. Happy 17 months Ridley!

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