Colby’s 4th Birthday

In May, we had Colby’s first ever friends birthday party for Colby’s 4th birthday. He was so excited! I rented a Toy Story bounce house, therefore, the theme became Toy Story! HA! That’s how things work with me. We kept it pretty simple. Bounce house, cake, drinks, and presents. Then, they went home with a few goodies. Boom, party over! It was a good thing I kept it simple since I had just had surgery a week and a half prior.

Colby had lots of friends come. It was great for him!

Here are pictures from his party.

Colby’s 4th Birthday

Here are few things about Colby at 4 yrs old.

*Weighed 37.6 lbs (between 50 and 75%) and measured 41.5 inches (between 75 and 90%). So funny with him versus Ridley. Colby is on the top of the growth chart and Ridley is falling off the bottom of the growth chart. 🙂

*It’s fun to watch as his little mind is coming into more complex thinking as he gets older. “Hey, hey, I have an idea.” And, they usually are pretty good ideas.

*He’s definitely trying to figure out his spot between siblings. Shall I pester older sister or younger brother! HA! He is a super sweet boy a lot of the time, but he is a booger at other times! I suppose we could all say that about ourselves, right?

*Loves all things boy. He’s is getting away from doing the princess dress up with Abriella. Instead, he does the stereotypical boy characters–batman, buzz lightyear, larry boy (from veggietales), spiderman… you get the point.

*healthy little guy all in all. Still has his cough issues, (cough, sniff, snort, sneeze tends to be the way those things go–is it bad to say that it annoys me when he gets that way?! probably is, but it really does. :-/ ) which they say are “allergies” that he should grow out of. Whatever that means. He takes his fair share of Allegra which helps sometimes. He had a nasal steroid that he used for a month and it helped tremendously, and he hasn’t had any big issues since then. We’ll see as it gets more into the seasonal weather changes and see what happens.

*definitely gets cranky if he hasn’t had something to eat in a while. we basically have to try to force him to eat during this times so he’ll be happy again. so, we try to just make sure he has healthy snacks throughout the day to avoid these times.

*loves to play outside, loves to climb, swing, loves gymnastics (which helps with his monkey tendencies!), stickers, playing starfall and his v-reader, going to the library, doing “school” at home. loves being carried still, although we try to not do that much since he is so heavy.

We love this little guy! He keeps us on our toes. Can’t wait to see how he grows and changes over this next year!

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