First Tooth Fairy Visit!

Well, it finally happened! Abriella came and told me she thought she had a loose tooth. Lo and behold, she did! This picture is proof taken on June 23rd.

She was taking swimming lessons during this time, and it was really loose as you can see. I was afraid it was going to come out during swimming lessons. I did not want to go diving down looking for a pearly white so that the tooth fairy could come visit. HA! She managed to keep it in her mouth.

Shortly after swimming lessons one day, I asked her if she wanted me to try to pull it. She had mentioned it was starting to hurt and she wanted me try later that day. When I said right then in the morning, she was like, “now??” She asked if she could tell me to stop if it was hurting too much. haha!

Well, it didn’t take much. Basically one pull forward and it popped right now.

This was on June 24th. The day the first tooth was lost!

We celebrated with ice cream right after we pulled it. Yummy! The tooth fairy left her 2 quarters and a note. 🙂 Abriella was sooo happy! She’s growing up!

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