October Challenge (for myself)

Well, I’m already a day behind, but I’ll try to remedy that. I am going to try to post on my blog every day this month. Or, rather, a post for each day of the month, therefore 31 times. Maybe I can catch up a little bit if I do a post every day. I am going to try. We’ll see how it goes! Since I missed yesterday, I’m already off to a poor start! HA!

Brief recap of the Joynerzone:

Ridley is 20 months old. Yes, I took pictures of him at 19 months and 20 months. Will try to add those soon.

Colby is 4 and is in PreK this year with Mrs. Kassidy at Belton Christian Preschool. He is doing great so far!

Abriella is 6 and is in 1st Grade. She is loving it and doing great!

I am teaching the kids on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. Colby and Abriella go to their respective schools on Tuesday and Thursday. Ridley and I hang out together on those days. Those are the 2 days I try to get a nap…at least one of the days. HA!

Stephen is still working hard at Integrity. The kids can’t wait to see him each day when he gets home!

Life is busy, but good. We are blessed!

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