Pregnancy Woes

Well, today we had another prenatal appointment. All is great. The midwife today said I was doing perfectly! My uterus is in the right place and the baby’s heartbeat was in the 150’s. So, that was great. I’m 17 wks today. We have our ultrasound in 2 wks. Of course, everyone at work is pressuring me to find out before then (many opportunities at work for this), but I’ve stayed strong in saying that I want to find out with Stephen. The comeback is that I should find out and not tell Stephen! Terrible people! haha.

Anyway, I can see by the polls that most in this family "think" it’s a girl, or maybe it’s that everyone "wants" a girl in this family. Around here, everyone wants it to be a boy, because in our young marrieds class, the girl babies way outnumber the boy babies, so we’re due for some more boy babies in our group. So, we’ll see who gets their wish. Of course, you could be like David who might still be holding out for twins!

Well, I’m in that awkward stage now where nothing fits real well. It’s an extremely frustrating stage of pregnancy, I’ve come to realize. Your non-maternity pants don’t fit well—they squeeze the living daylights out of you and wreak havoc on your bladder. Then, on the other hand, the maternity pants seem a little over the top. They do feel much better though, but my butt doesn’t seem to be big enough to fit in them very well (sadly, I should be careful what I say….). Maternity pants come in the sizes of S, M, L, etc. Well, that’s just too much of a range really in pants. I’m borrowing some smalls from a friend at church who just had a baby. Well, these are nice when I’m standing up, but when I sit down, they just seem to squeeze my middle which is not comfortable. Then, I bought some medium sized pants, which nearly fall down to my knees. So, I think they should make a Smedium size pant. I think that’s the size I need!

Then, there’s the shirt issue. I have just enough of a tummy bump that my normal shirts don’t go down far enough to cover it appropriately. But, I’m way too early for maternity shirts. So, to solve this problem, I went to Cato today and found to my pleasure that today’s style (which I already sorta knew) is the long, flowing shirts, with high waists. They look almost like maternity shirts, but they aren’t maternity shirts! So, I used the gift card given to me for Christmas (Thanks Pam and David) to buy me some shirts.So, now, I just look like someone who needs to loose just a little bit of weight in the middle. It doesn’t look like I’m pregnant…just more like I overate. 

My final woe is the getting up to the bathroom all the time. It’s quite frustrating when it feels like your bladder is so full it could burst, and then when you go to pee, you get like 4 drops!  Uggh! And, this happens ALL NIGHT LONG! Terribly annoying. And, Stephen doesn’t budge a bit when I get in and out of bed all the time. He states, "I didn’t even notice you kept getting up." Sadly, this likely tells us how it will be when this baby arrives and cries in the night….

On a positive note, I think I’m really past the puking now. I haven’t puked in a little over a week now. And, the nausea is practically gone as well. I still get waves of that every now and then, but not much. Praying that is really over now! I just want to really enjoy food again now though. We’re still not really branching out on the food front yet. Too many memories that are still very recent…

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great day!


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