Family Reunion 2008

It’s a whole lot of work to take a near one y/o away on a trip. First, there are the plane trips. She was great when she was 6 months old. Well, 6 months later…she’s quite interested in EVERYTHING on the plane—-the lady’s hair in the row in front of us, the kids peeping through the seats, the people walking by, the lights overhead (on and off, on and off, on…and…off), the window view, the people behind us, the magazines/barfbags/etc in the seat pocket, the arm rests (up and down, up and down…up…and…down!). So, she went back and forth between me and Stephen a lot! When we were taking off and landing, one of us held her tightly (against her wishes) for safety. The screaming then started! We were “those people with the screaming baby…can’t they make them be quiet??!!” On 3 out of the 4 flights, she decided she wanted to nurse though, and finally would stop screaming to do that, and actually nap-nursed through good portions of the flights. She never nap-nurses (“nursing” while taking a nap…can’t unlatch her until she’s done with her nap—I tried, but crying/screaming started immediately until I let her latch back on!) at home, but you better believe I was going to let her do it on these flights—kept her quiet and still! Plus, it helped keep her ears open. Good for all parties involved.

The second half of our trip to Colorado was from Denver to Colorado Springs…on a turbo prop! I’ve been on a few of these in my life, and although I don’t enjoy them, I do fine. Well, that is until this one. As soon as we started taking off, I was in desperate search of the complementary barf bag! It wasn’t there!! It was THE most turbulent flight I think I have ever been on. I had my eyes closed, head between my knees, or straight up, slow-deep breathing, the entire flight. It was awful. The a/c on the flight wasn’t even cold, so that didn’t help at all! I dry-heaved a few times (thankfully, no actual vomit) into a couple of burp clothes that I happened to put in our diaper bag. When the flight ended, I staggered off the flight down the plane stairs and then up another set of stairs to make it into the terminal. Remember, it was a turbo prop, so this is where you have to go outside to walk to and from the plane. Stephen said I was so pale. I made it to the nearest restroom, and just had to sit down for a while to try to get myself back together. I was miserable. I was sure thankful I had survived that flight. I was also thankful that Abriella wanted to hang with her daddy on that flight too. She thought the bumps and all were fun! She was waving her arms out to her sides like she was flying, and then when there was a big bump, she would open her mouth real wide (her surprised look as in previous pictures) like “whoa, that was cool!” Anyway, I found dramamine to be my new favorite friend on the return flights! That is a miracle drug!!!

So, we made it there alive. Of course, Colorado’s time is 1 hr behind us, but Abriella didn’t ever catch onto that (probably a blessing all in all so we didn’t have to mess with it when we got home). So, she was going to bed around 5pm moutain time…great until she also wanted to get up at 5am! Since she was in the same room with us just at the foot of our bed, she could easily see us from the pack-n-play, so of course, she would stand there and “inform” us that she was ready to get up, no matter what we thought! And, naps…HA! What naps?! Can’t say I blame her. We were downstairs in the main cabin, so she could hear everything (white noise machines can’t drown out everything)—the doors slamming, chairs dragging across the floor, piano playing, clapping, cheering, loud talking in the hall, doors slamming, fire alarms, doors slamming, did I say doors slamming?! Uggh. I think most forgot there was a baby there, and I have to say the offenders were mostly the “older generations.” So, naps were nearly non-existent there, but she did well considering. She did pretty well sleeping at night despite the noise though. She cried off and on (and we were informed numerous times that “the baby is crying”) during the nights though, and had a hard time getting to sleep, but we figured that would be the case. But, we let her be and she would go back to sleep. Poor baby was exhausted when we got home though. She slept most of her birthday away, and it took her several days to get caught up on sleep, but she went right back to her routine when we got home.

OH, she also cut a tooth the first night we were there (#8). I had figured that tooth was really bothering her before we left (had been for about 2 wks, I believe) because she wasn’t taking naps well at all, and what “quiet time” she did have we realized she was spending chewing on her crib (thanks to video monitors)! She really did a beaver number on her crib! Since we’ve been home, she’s been taking consistently good naps and rarely gnaws on her crib.

Anyway, back to the reunion. It took Abriella until about the 3rd day we were there to stop being so clingy. She was surrounded by strange faces except for Mommy, Daddy, and Papaw. It was also interesting to note that she wanted to be with Daddy pretty much the ENTIRE time! Anytime she saw Stephen, she would start pointing and crying until he came to get her. This was even if she was in my arms. Weird. But, she finally started warming up to everyone and was making the rounds. She also wanted to get into everything, and there was a LOT to get into there. Not baby-friendly at all. Plus, the floors were typical camp floors—yucky! With an avid crawler, you can only imagine how black her feet/knees/hands/clothes were. I would have to give her a mini bath and change her clothes for any nap attempts, because she was just that dirty. She also screamed through every bathing time while there and we would have to hold her in our arms while trying to clean her. I got as much of a bath as she did most of the time.

BUT, despite all the challenges, and sleep depravity for all 3 of us, it was good to see family. Oh, did I mention that the bed Stephen and I were in sloped in the middle? So, you slept uphill, downhill, or in the valley. I woke up with a headache everyday due to my back hurting. ANYWAY, it was still good to see those we saw, and the variety show was VERY enjoyable! Good job, Brittany, for organizing that!! I doubt we’ll go next year, but we were glad we could make it this year.

Here are a few pictures from the 5 days we were there

.So happy to have a ball! She always wanted to have a “ba-ba!”With “Little” DaveyWalking with MommyDavid and Cindy on the ShadowPlaying Ping-Pong with GrandmaLet me play!Estelle and Nan playing Ping-PongBrian and GrandpaPlaying Ping-Pong with DaddyPlaying ScrabbleNat and Ethan WERE at the Reunion afterall!Annual Singing LadiesGrandma and Grandpa’s SkitUncle Lou’s Great StoryHanging out with Great-GrandpaPlayingLoving on Aunt EstellePlaying DominoesPlaying at the AirportPlaying at Airport

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