Pregnancy Ramblings

First of all, let me say that I think it’s funny that people keep voting on our poll for boy vs girl when we’ve already said what she is! But, certainly, she could still grow parts between now and then, and turn out to be a boy. Weirder things have happened. But, he’d probably end up with a lot of girly things! haha!

Well, we got our crib bedding. Our nursery is going to be a combo of red, cream, tan, and olive/sage green. Likely, we will paint the walls a sagish color. You might be asking why not pink?! Well, I like pink, but I just don’t want a pink nursery. I figure she’ll get plenty of pink as it is. Also, on the outside chance she ends up being a he, the nursery could go for either. Anyway, we’re excited about getting going on that. I just need to get some paint, and then get people to paint it! Volunteers???

Abriella is a very active little girl. Thankfully, she is most active during the day. At this time, she doesn’t stay up at night, so I get good sleep at night. I only get up to pee once or twice at night these days, so I’ve actually been sleeping rather well, which is wonderful! I just love feeling her move though. One day this last week, I think she was hanging up her pictures in there all day. I just felt her tapping all over the place. It was funny. She seems to be very strong. Stephen can’t feel her from the outside yet really, although I swear he should be able to! Probably in the next couple of weeks he will. If I watch closely at my tummy, I can see my tummy move just a tad sometimes when she kicks really hard. Anytime Stephen watches though, she doesn’t do it. Stubborn child!

I’ve come to realize there are a lot of things we need for this baby! People often ask if we have the nursery all set up or if we have this or that…and, I’m like, uh, no. We really haven’t done anything! I really didn’t think I was behind the game in all of this, but then some people seem to think so! I’m going to a consignment sale here in a few weeks though, so I’m hoping to get some good stuff there. Then, we’ll start registering for baby stuff. Very exciting! Yeah!

Well, that’s about it. I posted a 22 wk belly picture, so you can compare and see what you think. Have a great week! 

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