Tooth Number 3 Drama

On Sunday, Abriella and Colby were sitting with friends at church. We were sitting on a pew right across the aisle from them. At one point, Abriella came over and was tearing up. She had been given a sucker and she bit down on it, and it caused her loose tooth to really come loose, and it was hurting her. Sooo, after church, we went home and yanked that baby out. She was so happy!

The fun came when it was time for bed, and she was looking for her tooth to put in her tooth pillow. She said she thought it was on the kitchen table. I said, “Uh, baby, there is a table cloth on the table. I cleaned it off and put that on before Lifegroup.” Gulp. She thought maybe it was in the floor. “Well, I vacuumed.” So, to the vacuum we went.

We opened the little vacuum tray to look. This is one of those cheap ones that I use in the kitchen and on the hard floors all the time. We looked and didn’t see it…but, then I spotted it! It was in the vacuum! Whew! I asked her if she learned anything from that experience. She said, “Not to leave my tooth on the table when people are coming over.” HA!

Anyway, tooth was placed in the pillow and set outside her door. Tooth fairy visited and left 3 quarters (1 for each tooth she had lost so far) and a note. All’s well that ends well, right? 🙂

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