Snow?! April?! Texas??!!

What in the world?? We woke up this morning, and I looked out and said, "It’s raining."….Wait? "Stephen, I think it’s snowing!" He didn’t believe me until he walked out and actually saw the snowflakes. It has become heavier and heavier as the day has gone on. These are some huge snowflakes too! You can just see the awe in people’s faces around here. It’s really unbelievable to us. We rarely get snow, but to get it in April is just crazy! Anyway, we took some pictures and have added them to our site. Check them out.

Stephen and I also went and bought some paint today for the nursery. We are excited to get that going before too long. I’m ready to get the nursery set up now! I’m excited to go to this consignment sale this coming week to see what goodies I can find. We also bought a baby outfit today. I just really wanted to buy one since we hadn’t bought anything yet. Of course, Stephen obliged. I put a picture of it up as well. It’s really cute, but aren’t all baby clothes?! We also finally bought a baby book. Yes, I’ve been documenting pregnancy things online, but we needed a baby book to put things in. So, we got one of those today. It’s very cute. I’ll have to get started on that.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I’ll add another belly pic tomorrow. 24 weeks, here we come! Yeah! (oh, to Pam, yes, I’m still feeling good! Yeah!).  We’re off to enjoy the snow!

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