Well, we are home. We drove to Lubbock on Christmas Eve and on the day after Christmas, Stephen and I caught the red-eye to Houston. Mom and Rickey picked us up and ate lunch with us in Galveston and then dropped us off at the port. We then enjoyed 4 nights on the ship, with a stop in the port of Cozumel for a day. We returned on the 30th and we ate lunch with Mom and Rickey again, and then they dropped us off at the airport, where we flew back to Lubbock. Stayed the night and then drove back home yesterday with the kids.

I will write more later, but for now, I will just leave you with a few pictures. We had a “cruise elegant” night where you can get all fancied up. These are scanned copies of some of the pictures we had taken. They have people taking pictures all the time! Of course, you have to pay for any that you want to keep. Then, there is a picture of the final night on the ship, where we watched the sunset from the top. It was beautiful!

We can’t thank the Joyners enough for taking care of the kids so we could do this! And, we can’t thank Mom and Rickey enough for being our chauffeur service and dining company! We are indeed blessed with wonderful family!

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