Spring Break

Last week, the kids were on spring break. We had a great week! We sure needed the break. I’ll just give a rundown of what we did last week.

Monday- rode our bikes to the neighborhood park and met some of our friends to play.

Tuesday-trip to the zoo. I took our wagon. I did not realize how many hills the zoo had! I was pooped from pulling ALL 3 kids around (yes, they all crammed into the wagon!). Workout for mama–check!

Wednesday- trip to the movie theater for the $1 Frozen Sing-a-long at 10 in the morning. I had purchased tickets online earlier in the week and then we got there early to get seats. Folks, we got there 40 minutes early, and the parking lot was already super busy, and kid you not, there were people RUNNING into the theater! CRAZY! But, we got our tickets and went and got some great seats in 1 of the 3 theaters they had set aside to show this. They sold out all 720 seats for the movie and many people got turned away (some of our friends included). Ridley had never seen the movie, but probably felt he had with all the singing and lines he hears from his siblings. Anyway, he sat in his own seat like a big kid and he LOVED it! There are some scary parts in it, but he ended up laughing through those. Like the big ice monster scene, I told him that it was a big marshmallow (because I didn’t want him to be scared), and he started saying marshmallow over and over and just laughed. WIN! Anyway, we had a great time with that.

Thursday- we went to the library (every 2 wks on Thursday is our typical day), and the kids visited with the librarian (whom they love!). Then, in the afternoon, we went to the Bell County Museum in downtown Belton to go see the Dorothea Lange photo exhibit of lots of her pictures from the Great Depression. Abriella is studying that at school, so that was a bonus. We also visited other exhibits there.

Friday- First, the kids all got a haircut. We managed to help Ridley not cry through this one. Big deal, folks. Then, we went to the Temple train depot/museum. They  had a big model train exhibit set up for the kids to watch as it chugged around. They also had another train set up that the kids could push a button on the front of the table and it did things like make a train sound, make the train go, make train signals light up, etc. Then, the kids wanted to go upstairs to the actual museum there. We’ve been there once before, but the kids didn’t really remember it (until we went up stairs). Anyway, they had a great time there, too. It’s very kid friendly.

So, that was our week in review. Sadly, Stephen doesn’t get a spring break, so it was mommy-kid week. It was a great week though!

I’ll add pictures later. Kids screaming in the back yard…

Ok, here are pictures from the week. I didn’t take many (like none from the park or zoo…).

Spring Break 2014
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