14 Months

Yesterday, Abriella turned 14 months old! Where has my baby gone? Ok, I know she’s still a baby in many aspects of the word, but she seems to grow up more and more each day. She’s such a sweetie…with her stubborn aspects thrown in. I still blame Stephen’s side for that genetic trait!! (Joyners, you can’t deny that your family has more than its fair share of stubbornness!). haha! Anyway, she continues to be a delight to us on a daily basis.

She says more words each day it seems. She LOVES books. Lately, we’ve been spending almost all day reading books. There are a few that she wants you to read OVER and OVER and OVER again. I think I could quote “Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street.” Don’t ask me why she likes that book, but you can try to hide it under every book she has, yet she WILL find it. Believe me, I’ve tried several times. But, how can you deny her the joy that she gets from reading books?

She’s still a picky eater. I wonder who she gets that from. If she didn’t drink milk all the time, she’d waste away, I think. But, she just eats like a true toddler, I guess. She takes one bite of something, and she’s done! Uggh! But, then there are days where you just can’t seem to fill her up, like today. But, I just try to roll with it. I also find that she does her best eating on the run. So, I sit at the table with her food, and she’ll come back every few minutes for another bite, whereas, if you put her in the highchair, she’s “done” relatively quickly. I still sit her in her chair for the meals, but we’re in a stage where I’m just trying to get food into her whatever way I can, so I’m trying to be flexible with her need to be on the move all the time right now.

Abriella has continued to chew on her crib, so I had put this up, but it worked as well as most of the negative reviews said it would. She had it coming off by the next day. We had put a piece of this on one edge where she was really doing a beaver number until we could get more of the first item, but during the meantime, she worked on that piece of rubber until she had chewed through it completely back to her crib. UGGH! So, finally, I searched online to find something else as I’d like to use this crib for other children in the future. I finally found this, which seems to be doing the job much better. She’s intrigued by it and tries to take bites out of it, but I think it’s gonna hold up to the task at hand…time will tell though. Maybe she has a future in wood carving…with her teeth!?

Also, one thing she’s started doing more the last few weeks is shaking her head “yes” and knowing what’s she saying. So, if you ask her if she’s hungry, she will shake her head yes, etc, etc. It’s so funny to watch a child as they learn these seemingly simple concepts. She’s so deliberate about it too—big nods of the head up and down. Of course, she had the “no” head shake down months ago!

Abriella still just adores her daddy. Anytime she hears the garage (or something that sounds like our garage), she looks up, says, “DADDA!” and goes as quickly as she can to the door where he comes in, and if he doesn’t make it in in a timeframe appropriate for her, she starts to get irritated. So, I’ve informed Stephen that he mustn’t take too long getting inside from the car after that door has opened! Too cute!

Well, I really can’t think of anything else to post right now. I think of things all the time, but when I finally get around to blogging, I blank. Terrible problem! Anyway, pictures to enjoy.

She Loves to Read

I think she was singing in this next picture…I’m not really sure.



I think she was signing her sign for “baby” here while she was saying it. We used to pat her on her chest and tell her she was the baby. We patted ourselves on the chests for mommy and daddy, too. Anyway, over time, we realized that she decided that patting herself on her chest was the sign for ANY BABY. So, anytime she sees a baby, she will say baby and pat herself on the chest. For a long time, we thought she just thought SHE was the ONLY baby with the patting on herself. We finally learned…

She looks like she’s flexing here, doesn’t she?

Tough Girl!

This is one of her new dance moves! haha!



She’s definitely girl…got her shopping bag ready!


And, she made us put all of the bows that she could see on the table in her hair at once. Pretty, huh?

Loves her bows


And, here she is riding her car…backwards! Ooops.

Riding her car…backwards
Ok, that’s all for now!

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