Progesterone Update

On Thursday, I had my blood drawn again for progesterone. I’ve been taking 200mg twice a day since my last lab draw. So, the 1st time I had it drawn, it was 31. Then, it was 22 the next time, which freaked me out a little bit. But, as I mentioned before, I learned that progesterone can actually decrease by 50% after a big meal. I had eaten eggs and bacon on the way to get my blood drawn that 2nd time. Oy. Anyway, this time, I didn’t eat a ton within the couple of hours before my blood draw. It came back at 36.5 this time! That is an awesome progesterone level! Yay!

I have a couple more weeks or so of taking the progesterone and then I’ll stop. The placenta should be working to take over progesterone production here soon. So, I’m believing that is going to happen smoothly.

That’s all for now. Laying around in the bed today while Stephen takes the kids to a goat farm. I sure didn’t want to smell those smells! HA! I do NOT sleep well at night either. So, naps are a necessity right now. So thankful to be having these discomforts! 🙂

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