Well, I have 2 more progesterone pills left. I’m excited but a little nervous! But, it seems like just about everyone gets nervous about getting to the point of stopping them. But, I’m trying to just trust and believe that my placenta is in full control and beautifully transitioned to producing lots of progesterone to keep things going wonderfully! I’ve been taking 200 mg twice daily. Today, I took my pill this morning. I’m skipping tonight, taking 1 tomorrow morning, and then the last one on Sunday morning. A weaning of a sorts. On Sunday, I’ll be 2 days shy of 12 wks.

The belly is definitely pooching out more noticeably. This afternoon, Abriella said to me, “Mommy, your tummy seems to have gotten a little more swollen.” HA! Swollen indeed. I asked her what she thought of my tummy getting big. She basically said she had mixed feelings. On one hand, she was glad because it meant the baby was in there growing. But, on the other hand, she said she didn’t really like fat people. WHAT?! Oh my. Gonna have to work on that girl and her tact and loving for the inner person, not the outer shell. Silly girl.

Had to break out the maternity clothes yesterday. But, I realized that I have practically NO maternity clothes left. I got rid of a bunch of them because they were seriously outdated or not at all what I would wear now—I had a lot of clothes appropriate for working from my 1st pregnancy. I do not need those at this point. Anyway, I’ve gotta put the call out to my friends for borrowing again. I was crazy disappointed with what little I have…well, except for the comfy prego sweats that I have. Totally forgot about those! HA!

Anyway, that’s the basic update for now. The kids love to kiss and hug the baby each day. Such sweetness. Keep praying with us as we go day by day with our new little family member!




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  1. Brittany says:

    hahaha! She must have inherited the Joyner/Eckstein gene for unabated commentary on overweight people : )

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