Baby Joyner 6 Update, 12 Weeks

Today, sweet baby Joyner is 12 wks. I took my last progesterone pill on Sunday. I felt better about stopping it then as opposed to my feelings a few days leading up to then. I thought possibly I might have less nausea after stopping it. Well, that has not proven to be the case. Truthfully, I might’ve freaked out a bit if I had all of a sudden felt better. The only thing that has changed is now I don’t have the dizziness, fuzzy feeling all throughout my body, and crazy fatigue that always hit about an hour and a half after I took those pills. That was NOT pleasant. Otherwise, I still have nausea all day and night. Also, this pregnancy, I have heartburn at times. I didn’t really have an issue with that in any other pregnancy. Maybe it’s age catching up with me. HA!

Today, I went for another ultrasound. Baby J looked great! It’s amazing how much babies grow in pregnancy in such a short time. Baby was moving all around and had his/her hands up by the face. Baby waved at us one time and looked at us, too. It was a bit challenging to get really good pictures with the baby moving. Looked fabulous on the screen in real life! It is such a relief to see the baby at the right size with a good strong heartbeat—160. Today, she didn’t just measure the heartbeat, but let me listen to it. Aw, sweet music!

I am feeling hopeful and optimistic that we’ll get to meet this baby, happy and healthy, come August/September. The due date is September 8th. There, I said it finally. Historically, I have delivered 2-3 1/2 wks before my due date. Maybe this will be the one that I go all the way! I just want the baby to come when he/she is ready to enter the world, and not a moment sooner.

Here is a picture of this little one. I think this is the one where baby is looking at us, and I think there is a hand in front of the face on the upper side possibly. It’s so hard to tell. But, I think those are eyes looking at us. It was way more clear on the screen.But, baby was moving a bunch. It was so sweet. She said my placenta is anterior, which means it may take longer for me to feel this babe because it’s like there is a pillow between me and the baby. I had an anterior placenta with Abriella, too, so although I was still in a normal time frame to start feeling baby, it was close to 20 wks, whereas, it was a lot sooner for my posterior placenta babies.


And, I’ve posted a few songs before. Songs can really minister to me in many ways. I just recently discovered this one. Brittany, when I listen to this one, I think of you for some reason. Maybe I imagine this would be one that you could really rock.

Thank you for all of the continued prayers! This Friday will be the same weeks/days that I was when I didn’t find Tiny’s heartbeat, so I know that will be on my mind that day. I’m thankful to see this little one growing on target. With Tiny, when they did the scan to confirm no heartbeat, they said he appeared to only be about 10 wk size (they didn’t actually measure, but eyeballed it), so it’s comforting that this one is not lagging in growth. Please continue to pray for us!

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  1. Brittany says:

    Praying every night for you guys. I’ve enjoyed the songs you’ve shared. Great encouragement. Love you!

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