14 Weeks 2 days

We have crossed over into the 2nd trimester! Yay! This is where many people breathe a big sigh of relief, like, well, everything is going to be fine now! Well, I’m not that naive. I won’t burden you with stories, but I know that nothing is guaranteed. I do know that this baby is purposed for our family, no matter what that looks like, just like all of our babies were. We are choosing to trust that God has our baby and us in his tender care.

I listened to the baby Tuesday night with our doppler. Still beating strong, 160-170 was the rate. I did record it, too. Can’t get my phone to release the recording just yet. Such a sweet sound!

I am definitely showing now. I guess people at church hadn’t seen me in 2 weeks, so yesterday at church, everyone was like, “Oh, look at you showing” or “Look at that sweet baby bump!” I have felt rather huge for a few weeks, so it kind of surprised me. I probably just wasn’t camouflaging it as much this week. I borrowed some maternity clothes from a friend. Yay! So, I’ve been digging into those. So thankful for friends that share their clothes. I borrowed them from her with Ridley, too. She had another baby since then and they were also loaned to her sister-in-law in there. So, they get used well. More clothes were added since last time, too. Yay for big girl clothes. hehe. On that note, I have no idea how much weight I’ve gained! Yay for ignorance on this one. Even when I went for my appointment, my midwife said I didn’t have to look, and she just looked and wrote it down. Love her!

For a few days, I had almost no nausea, which was fabulous. I was hoping maybe we’d rounded the corner on the nausea front. However, on Monday night at bedtime, I was not feeling well, but it took me a little while to realize it was the deep seated nausea (in the depths of my tummy) that was my discomfort. Got up and grabbed a bagel after midnight, and finally felt better and was able to go to sleep. Have continued to have nausea since then, some days better than others. I can eat a little more normally when the nausea is at bay, which helps me to feel less bloated. Hopefully, the nausea phase will end soon!

One thing that I don’t care for this pregnancy is bad dreams. It’s like the fears that I have about this pregnancy work themselves into my dreams some nights. I have had to wake up and pray against the fear. I believe it’s only happened 3 times so far, but I don’t like it even once. The rest of the dreams are pretty wild dreams, which is typical of pregnancy for me. Right now, I am happy to sleep at all though. I’ve resorted to the couch a few times–it’s just cooler in the living room. Night-time sleeping is harder, but naps are the bomb! Too bad I can’t get a nap everyday.

The thoughts about gender have begun in earnest. The older 2 are currently in agreement that they both want a sister. Ridley vascillates on gender. Either way, he says the baby is to be named Jake. Well, earlier this week, he said it would be named Ridley after him. HA! Colby had a dream one night that our baby was born and he got to hold the baby–he said the baby was soooo cute (can you tell he’s looking forward to having a baby?), and we asked him if it was a boy or a girl. First, he said he couldn’t tell, but then he said, oh yeah, it was a girl. I’ve taken 2 very scientific surveys online to see if we’re having a boy or a girl—well, 1 said it was a girl, and 1 said it was a boy! HA! So, there ya have it! It’s going to be a girl or a boy!

Well, that’s about it for now. We’re thankful that we are to this point! Thank you for continued prayers.



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