Almost 16 wks

Tomorrow, I’ll be 16 weeks! Moving right along. We are thankful. I took a quick listen yesterday afternoon–strong heartbeat! I have a prenatal appointment on Thursday of this week. I figure we’ll look at scheduling the bigger ultrasound soon. I’ll probably go to our maternal-fetal medicine doctors at the local hospital for it since I’m considered “Advanced Maternal Age” now. Sneaking up on 37 yrs old now. So, they offer a bit more in-depth ultrasounds for AMA mamas. Yippee.

Occasionally, I think I detect some movement, but can’t be sure yet. I always enjoy when we get there, especially at the beginning when they are gentler movements. They do get more uncomfortable (er, painful at times), but so worth it.

A few weeks ago at church, we were blessed by a couple of our elders and their wives. One of them came up to Stephen before church and asked if we could meet them in the prayer room after services, so they could pray over our family and our baby. We were very touched. Not sure what prompted them, but we were thankful! Then, a week after that, another man from church talked to Stephen and asked how far along I was and was just really kind and said they were praying for us and the baby. That is what church is about. These are not people we are super close to, but they stepped out and were Jesus to us, showing their care, concern, and love.

The kids pray for the baby all the time. The other morning, Abriella came into our room and asked how I’d slept (I was still in bed). Then, she asked how the baby was. I told her that as far as I knew, the baby was doing fine. She said, “Good. I really hope this one doesn’t die….” Oy. On one hand, I’m thankful that my kids truly see that it is a miracle when a baby is born healthy. However, I hate that they know that bad things really can and do happen…and not just to other people. She speaks what I pray and hope for all the time though as well.

Something made me chuckle the other day at church. I talked to another younger gal who is pregnant for the 1st time. They had just announced the prior week that they were expecting. She didn’t look pregnant, so I figured she was fairly early. I congratulated her and asked her when she was due. She told me and I learned I am only 3 days ahead of her! I look to be 3 MONTHS ahead of her. HA! I looked as pregnant as she did when my test was first positive. Oh, to have those strong abdominal muscles of a 1st pregnancy! So funny.

We are thankful for each day with this sweet baby. Thank you for your continued prayers!!

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