Easter Pageant

Each year, the local university puts on an Easter Pageant the Wednesday before Easter. Now, when I first heard pageant, I thought it was a beauty contest. HA! No, it’s so not that. It’s a depiction of Christ’s life, crucifixion, and resurrection. This was the 76th annual pageant! Kids from the community are included in it as well. This year, Abriella wanted to be in it, so I signed her up a couple of months ago. The kids are in some of the crowd scenes.  There were 2-300 kids involved this year!! Oy!

We have gone several years now–maybe this is our 4th year to go? Not sure now. We enjoyed watching Abriella yesterday. She had so much fun. Boy, was she exhausted after it was all over with. They do 3 performances through the day. We attended the first one at 12:30 pm. It is always a moving performance.

I was thankful that Abriella was a part of it this year, so that I could focus on that rather than where my mind wanted to go. Last year, the day of the Easter Pageant was the day we had the ultrasound that confirmed that Tiny was no longer living. We went home and told the kids, which was just devastating to them and I just remember their cries and questioning why over and over. Through our own tears, we had no answers for them. I still don’t.

We had planned to go to the pageant as we had done for a couple of years. Abriella chose to wear black to the performance out of respect for Tiny. It was heartwrenching. I just remember being there and crying. I tried to focus on the resurrection and the hope in that, and that we would be reunited with our babies in heaven. It was so hard though. That was the beginning of a hard journey that we are still on.

Today, I am thankful that God has blessed us with another life. I am praying so hard that He allows us to keep this one with us, healthy and happy! The movements currently inside my tummy are so sweet and such an amazing reminder of the miracle of life. I wish all of my babies were here with me. Thank you for continued prayers.

Here are a few pictures from the show.

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