22 weeks Update

So, last week marked the end of a month full of hard anniversaries. Last week, we remembered when I nearly hemorrhaged my entire blood supply. Some rough memories there!! I remember waking up afterwards and truly being thankful that I was alive and still had my uterus. Yes, there was a point I was really concerned about losing my uterus. And, even worse, there was a point when I was in the OR before they drugged me that I was truly hoping I would live. I thought, well, this sure would be a crummy way to go (might have had more colorful words in my head). But, graciously, God felt it was not my time to go. I am thankful that it was not in His sovereign plan to take me home at that point.

Now, just over a year later, we are 22 wks along with a sweet blessing! Yesterday (Tuesday) was 22 wks for us. Each week seems to go by faster and faster. This baby is a very strong mover! We can see movements already, the kids have all felt the baby moving (well, not Ridley because, well, he just can’t sit still long enough to do that yet), and this baby just moves a lot! I am grateful for all movements! Some are already uncomfortable, but I’m still grateful for them!

We are working on names these days. We are pretty much settled on the girl’s name. We love the meaning and it goes well with Abriella. The boy name is where we’re still trying to figure it out. So, with Colby and Ridley, we didn’t actually plan it, but did take note of it, that their names both ended in “y” and actually have an “l” in there, too. So, we can’t keep their names straight now. Not sure if it’s the “y” thing or if we are just typical parents. So, we are trying to decide if we want to go with the “y” ending or totally scrap that. I’m not big on the hugely mainstream names, but I don’t like our boy names to be totally out there in left field. We have several names up in the air and one name with an “l” and a “y” in it that we like. But, just can’t decide yet. We also want them to have some kind of significant meaning after this last year’s heartache. So, we’ll see. Any thoughts? Scrap it or keep the trend going? Or, hope that we have a girl so we can use the name we really agree on? HA!

On another note, today is Colby’s 6th birthday! I can still remember his birth like it was yesterday! That was one whirlwind labor and delivery! I gave him the highlights of his birth story at breakfast this morning. He noted that it seemed like it went really fast. He could even surmise that from the story. I told him his birth was super fast, just like how he runs now! haha! We are going to celebrate with him on Saturday. Wednesdays are just too busy during the school year!

But, school is almost done for the older two! Tuesday is their last day! They are so over school now. I am kind of with them. We are ready for summer! I am ready to start cleaning this house to get it back in order. The kids aren’t too thrilled about that aspect. Imagine that. But, it has to be done, and we’ll move R into C’s room at some point this summer.

Also, I just figured out that I’ll be 37 wks on the 1st day of the fall semester! A was born at 37 wks and R at 36 1/2 wks. So, could be an exciting start to the school year! Or, maybe this will be the one that goes all the way to the due date or past! Wouldn’t that be something?! I’ve already had several parents offer to school my kids for a little while after the baby arrives. Love our school family! Such a blessing!

Well, that’s all for now! We are so appreciate of every prayer that is offered up on our behalf and for our baby! Please keep them coming!


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