Likely Name Choices

Wow, I didn’t realize I was behind a few weeks on the ole blog in this pregnancy! It’s been busy with the kids out of school. A & C have been out since the 12th. R had his last day of preschool yesterday. And, of course, all 3 are sick today! HA! Hello summer!

Anyway, we have been deliberating over names for weeks. We agreed on a girl name pretty quickly. Boy name…that one took us a while. Yesterday, we finally agreed on one that everyone has a peace with and love of!

So, here are the names. If we have a girl, her name will be:

Eliana Elise Joyner

Eliana means “my God has answered” and Elise means “consecrated to God.” We had Elise for a middle name for our girl name when we were pregnant with Ridley, too. We changed the first name this time, though. We love this name!

Our boy name was a bit more challenging. Boy names are just hard, I think. Anyway, yesterday, we decided upon:

Charles Samuel Joyner (we’d call him Charlie)

Charles is my grandfather’s name (my mom’s dad). He passed away in 2000. He was so influential in our lives growing up in Arkansas. He also went by Charlie most of the time. Samuel means “God has heard.” Samuel is also this baby’s great great great grandfather’s name (I just learned this). So, it seems like a great name for a Joyner boy!

So, those are the names that we are set on for now. I suppose there is always a chance to change them, but that’s what we’re sticking to for now! In case you don’t know our others kids’ full names, I’ll share those with you now.  I think whether we have a prince or a princess, these names will all flow nicely together!

Abriella Grace

Colby Nathaniel

Ridley David

As for pregnancy, I am 25 wks and 3 days today. All seems to be going great so far! This baby is a mover! I’ll dedicate a post to pregnancy progress next. Thank you for your continued prayers for this baby. We feel God has heard and answered our prayers for this baby, no matter what happens. He has given us this sweet baby for over 25 wks so far, and for that, we are so thankful!

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