Big Mover

Maybe I have forgotten, but I just seriously don’t believe any of our babies moved quite as strongly and as much as this baby does! Stephen doesn’t think so either. He’s pretty blown away by watching my belly and/or feeling it. He said maybe it’s a baby rhino! HA! We just went to see the movie Jurassic World yesterday, so maybe it’s a little dinosaur in there! Kidding, of course! My belly gets sore at times from all the movement.

I also feel like this one may be bigger than the others. Once again, maybe I’m forgetting what it felt like at this stage. I do remember feeling like Ridley was possibly smaller. I remember when my water broke with him that I was a bit concerned that he might be really tiny! He turned out to only be a couple of ounces smaller than Abriella was, but he just felt smaller. So, who knows. But, this baby just feels solid in there already!

I also am getting lots of braxton hicks contractions now. I didn’t start noticing them as early with this pregnancy as I have in a couple of the others, but now that they are coming, they are plentiful. Sometimes, it seems the big crazy movements of this baby brings them on, too. All of that makes me need to pee more, too. HA!

But, for all of this, I am thankful. Because it means that I am pregnant with a seemingly healthy and strong baby! We are getting more and more excited to meet this baby. We pray all the time that we’ll get to meet this baby healthy and happy in a few weeks. The kids’ prayers that this baby will live on earth with us are constant as well.

We covet your continued prayers as we go through the last few weeks of this pregnancy!

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