33 + wks

Today, I am 33 2/7 wks. Here is a picture of me this past Sunday, 2 days shy of 33 weeks.


I am feeling thankful. Thankful that we have a seemingly very strong baby. The movements sure would indicate such! The movements border on painful at times. This one moves in big ways.

I’ve also hit the point where my skin hurts. I have a wide numb strip just below my chest and goes down a couple of inches and is all the way across my belly. The numbness started during my pregnancy with Abriella. My only guess is that the skin stretched in such a way that it killed my nerves in that area. The area has remained numb since that pregnancy. It’s just not as bothersome when I lose weight between pregnancies. But, when I get to a certain point in pregnancy, that area just hurts/burns all the time. I don’t like clothes touching that area (impossible to avoid that if I desire to go out in public!!). It hurts more when the baby is pushing out there, which is pretty much most of the time now. It’s just one of those weird things my body did and while it is frustrating and painful, I know it’s temporary in the grand scheme of things. Just praying for perseverance in this area.

On Tuesday at my prenatal appointment, my midwife prayed over our baby that he/she would stay put for at least 4 more weeks, which would put us at 37 wks. I am praying for more like 37 1/2 wks to put us on a weekend. HA! As I’ve said before, like I have ANY control over his/her arrival. I just pray this one doesn’t come as early as Ridley. I know, he was fine, but still, I’d like a little more time for this one in the womb. Watch this one go much longer than the others. Many things have changed since my other pregnancies, so who knows. I’m ultimately praying that he/she arrives healthy and happy and that both of us are healthy and that the labor and delivery goes smoothly as well.

Last week, Stephen and I had the opportunity to spend lots of time with each other while the kids were at the grandparents. They were in Lubbock from Friday to Tuesday, then they were home Tuesday night through Thursday morning. Then, they were in Katy from Thursday to Sunday. Stephen and I went to movies, went to play tennis a couple of times. Yep, it was about as graceful as you can imagine! He and I laughed a lot! We also went to play golf one day–OK, he played golf. I drove the golf cart! That was a lot of fun! We also took the opportunity both Sundays to visit a couple of different churches in the community. It’s neat to see how others worship, and it’s certainly easier to do this without kids. 😉

It was fun just being with each other. Some asked if we missed our kids. While obviously we love having them with us, we didn’t really miss them per se. We knew they were in good hands and were having a blast with their grandparents. And, we certainly cherished our time together without little distractions. We also did some cleaning and organizing while they were gone. We had our carpets cleaned which was awesome! We’ve not had them cleaned in this house the 5 yrs we’ve lived here, so it was certainly a prudent thing to do! I was pleased with the results. Now, if we can just try to keep the house clean. It’s a bigger challenge with kids in the house! 🙂

On a different note all together, what does the sovereignty of God mean to you? It’s such a hard question, but one that I answered/was taught one way growing up. Now, I see it differently, especially over the last year. I think it’s definitely something that believers all over struggle with. When bad or good things happen, we attribute that to different things…. Each day, good and awful things happen. What do you think the sovereignty of God means in the good and also in the bad? Food for thought.

Please continue to pray for us as we journey through the remainder of this pregnancy and beyond. Love to each of you!





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