34+ Weeks

Today, I am 34 1/7 wks. Celebrating each week with this rainbow baby! Here’s a picture from today. I know, these “selfies” are not the highest quality pics. We are planning on getting real pictures taken tonight by our friend, Melissa.


I had an upset tummy on Sunday evening after returning from an outing with the family at the pool. Let me tell you, a little tummy bug while this pregnant…not pleasant! The cramping and all that GI disturbance left my belly quite sore and super sensitive. Not sure what set all of that off. Glad that’s better!

I get lots of braxton hicks contractions! I had plenty of them with all my other pregnancies, too. I feel like I get more with this pregnancy than I did with the others. I didn’t notice them as early this pregnancy, but they are fully going these days. The bigger the baby gets, the more uncomfortable those uterine tightenings get! Doesn’t help when your uterus is all hard and the baby is kicking in all directions at the same time! Oy! haha!

The way this one pushes down sometimes reminds me of when I was pregnant with Colby. He ended up being so low in the pelvis in the final weeks. I wonder if this one will be that way, too. We’ll see! Maybe this one will be a super speedy delivery like he was, too!

I continue to get almost daily comments on my belly—strangers (or even friends) asking when I’m due. When I tell them how long I have left, they look shocked/stunned, and then say things like “well, you look ready” or “good luck going that far” or “you’ll never get that far.” haha! Everyone has an opinion! I just say thank you. 🙂

All in all, things are still going well. We are all anxious for the baby to be here, but let’s wait just a few more weeks! We are starting to gather supplies for the birth. We are planning a home birth again, like with Ridley. The birth kit arrived today.

Another exciting thing is that one of my former midwife colleagues from Ft Hood is moving back to town–her husband is already here, and she and her son should be here early next week. She had moved away, married, and had a baby. The house they’ll be living in initially is not far from us, and I asked her to be at our delivery if it works out! I’d love to have her here as well! Lots of midwife power. 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for continued prayers!! We are continuing to ask that God bring this baby into our lives, safe and healthy.



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