Where is your…??

This is what we’ve been asking Abriella. She knows where many of her body parts are, which is fun. We’ve got eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, legs, knees, feet, toes, hands, belly button, and hair figured out. We’re working on arms and elbows. She’s also continues to sign these days. Let me see if I can remember what signs she does right now: more, eat, all done, milk, baby, book, please, flower, hat, elephant, fish. She says quite a few words these days too. I can figure out what she is saying or needs much of the time. Obviously, there are lots of times, I have NO idea what she is trying to communicate, which frustrates her as much as it does me. I can’t wait until she’s really talking. Fun things to look forward to. Of course, I may wish she would be quiet when we get to where she talks a lot. haha! So, I’ve got more pictures to share.

In this first picture, I was trying to get a shot of her in her dress on Sunday, but she just wouldn’t stay still. She looks like she’s on a mission here with her arms just a swingin.’ Plus, her bow was falling out. Oh well.

On a Mission

Here, she seems to be smirking at us.


So, recently, I bought a potty for Abriella. I do NOT plan on attempting to potty train her for QUITE a while, but since she goes with me to the bathroom all the time, I thought I’d give her a seat to sit on. Well, when I got it, first thing she did was take the little removable bowl out, and thought it was a bowl to eat out of. She was carrying a spoon around, and she started stirring invisible food around in it. Lovely. Well, then, she proceeded to stand in the potty. Even better. She also likes to carry it around. Fabulous. Just reinforcement that I will not potty train anytime soon. My mom says I was potty trained by 18 months. Clearly, I was an overachiever, but I don’t intend to hold my children to those standards!

Potty fun


We also bought this swing for her back in July when it was on clearance. Well, we don’t have a good tree for it to go in. Duh. But, she enjoys playing in it in the great indoors!

Swing Fun


Here she’s waving to her Daddy.


Also, I started today to teach her to blow a kiss. Well, she gets the hand to her mouth, but then that quickly turns into her hitting her face over and over. Hmmmm…we have a bit of work to do…and, OUCH!

Blowing kisses

That’s all for now! Stephen will be in Dallas for the next 3 days, so Abriella and I will be on our own. I hate it when Stephen’s gone. He invited us to go along, but we decided that the thought of us in a hotel room all together just didn’t sound like too much fun! Well, until next time!

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