Baby, Oh Baby!

Ok, I know that was pretty sneaky of me to throw that pregnancy test picture onto the end of my last blog. I thought it was fun though! So, yes, we are expecting another baby Joyner. Yes, it was planned. We didn’t really want another July baby. Well, mainly I didn’t want that (too hot!), so we decided to go for an earlier month. We thought May sounded good, so that’s what we tried for. God blessed us! I’m 5 wks now, due on May 19th. We are very excited!!

So, I have to tell you how I told Stephen. So, we were making guesses as to if we were successful in our attempts. Stephen had said his gut said no, but his intuition said yes. Whatever that means! So, anyway, I had figured I’d wait longer to test for this pregnancy, and I had told Stephen this, and he agreed. See, with the first pregnancy, I tested like 4 days before I was even supposed to, and actually, it was positive then. But, this time, I decided to just wait until I was truly late. Well, when 28 days rolled around, I was still trying to be patient, but nothing seemed to be happening (you know what I’m talking about), and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I was also having one symptom that felt very pregnant to me. So, I went to the dollar store and got one of those great $1 tests. Went home, put Abriella down for a nap, and then went to check my pee. Bingo! In less than a minute, well…you saw the results.

Anyway, to the actual story. Stephen came home, and I had the oven timer going. I left the room for a minute, and the timer went off. So, I called to Stephen to get the oven. I tip-toed into kitchen, and saw him pulling out a single bun. He looked at me, and said, “The oven wasn’t even on. What is this?”

I asked him in turn, “Well, what is it??”

He said (very confused), “A hamburger bun??”

Me, “In the…what?”

Him, “…the…oven?? OOOOHHHH!!”

He smiled so big, and kissed me! He said, “Well, I didn’t know we were testing today!”

So… we have a hamburger bun in the oven! HAHA!

Anyway, we are thrilled! We both think Abriella needs a sibling, and I think she’ll be a good big sister. They’ll be 22 months apart, which will be great.

I’m feeling good so far. Occasional queasy stomach with some meals, but nothing major. With Abriella, it was 5 wks 5 days when the nausea hit me very suddenly in the middle of Wal-mart. I remember it vividly. Then, it was about a week or so later when the incessant puking began. So, come Sunday, we’ll see how things are looking! I may be carrying my puke bags around in my purse and car and have my puke trashcan beside my bed. But, I’m praying that this pregnancy is not quite as “pukey” as the last one. But, we’ll just see. I know it’s all worth it, but it’s so hard to remember that when you’re puking 24-7 until 18-20 wks of pregnancy.

Anyway, please pray for us to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby. We have a long ways to go until May.

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