Live Like No One Else

So, Stephen and I have been doing the Financial Peace University home study series, and are really enjoying it. For those that don’t know what FPU is, a brief explanation is that it “is a life-changing program that teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money. You’ll be empowered with the practical skills and confidence needed to achieve your financial goals and experience true financial peace!” One of their catch phrases is to “live like no one else now, so that later, you can live like no one else!” Think about it. Anyway, we are really excited about this. Even if you feel like you have everything together financially, I can almost guarantee you that you will learn something from FPU.

Along those lines, we’ve always figured when we had more than 1 child, we’d get a bigger vehicle than what we currently have. We have a while before really worrying about that, but we’ve been doing some brief looking at different options. Sad as it may seem, we think the best option will be something along the minivan line. We plan to pay for the vehicle in cash, whatever it may be, because we don’t have car payments now, and don’t intend to have any ever again. Anyway, I may be one of those minivan moms sooner than I had ever intended. Honestly, I had told Stephen before that I NEVER wanted a minivan. Never say never.  haha!

Well, I’m  just over 6 weeks now, and feeling yuckier with each passing day.  The nausea started earlier this time, so maybe it won’t last as long!? And, maybe it won’t be as bad. I haven’t started puking yet, and I’m praying I don’t start. But, I do take a little comfort in the fact that feeling pukey is usually a sign of a healthy pregnancy. That’s what I kept telling myself last time. But,I know it’s all worth it in the end. I am more fatigued this time, but I figure that has to do with the fact that I’m chasing a toddler around all day this time. Also, another fun thing is that it’s like going to the movies every night with the crazy dreams I have. Aren’t hormones crazy?

Abriella is doing well. I have told her there is a baby in my tummy, and she points to the maternity picture of me on the wall! She’s so smart. She knows I told her that she was in my tummy in that picture. She continues to keep us on our toes everyday!

So, Stephen and I have continued to be challenged by the two year old class on Sunday. This past weekend, David and Nat were visiting, so they helped us. Nat even took a little guy to the potty! We were all in awe of that. Nat confessed later that he had NO idea what he was going to do when he took the little guy to the potty, but he was thankful that this one knew exactly what he was doing, so he didn’t have to do a thing! But, we told him we wouldn’t have known what to do either! hehe! We’ve never had that little one in our class, but by the way he acted, we think he might have been in the wrong class, because he just seemed older than the others. The biggest thing we’ve learned (ok, maybe not the biggest thing), or maybe one of the most useful things, is that in order to keep the kids in their seats, listening, etc, you best start bribing them with food! Goldfish are awesome, and go figure, the church supplies the toddler classes with all kinds of snacky foods! Nice.

Well, I think that’s all for now, and, well, I’m on the laptop, which doesn’t have our pics on it. I’m not inclined to move to get to the other computer right now either. Sorry for those that only come for pics. I’ll try to add some tomorrow! Have a good one everybody!

***OK, I’m adding some pictures now. We really haven’t taken many lately. *GASP*  I know, it’s terrible!***

These are of Abriella playing with her Papaw’s light. She loves this thing when he comes.



Next, she tried on some boots that I got at the recent JBF Consignment sale. She loved them! And, I know, she’s in her diaper a lot in pictures. I really do put clothes on the child. She just does funny things in her diaper, I suppose.




That’s all folks!

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