4 Kids = Busy and Blessed!

I just don’t find myself with tons of extra time these days! Well, if I am sitting still, which really does happen a bit, it’s nursing a baby. So, that leaves me unable to update a blog! I am able to post things one-handed on facebook, but that’s it. I realize some of you are not on facebook (it’s addicting anyway, so best to stay away!). So, I’m going to try to add more of my pictures here to catch up.

Sept 14: This little guy has a tough life. 🙂


Sept 15: This bouncy seat has been with us for over 8 years. It has seen lots of action. We rarely even use the entertainment part of it. Charlie was checking out things in the kitchen at this point.


Sept 16: Mommy, he’s crying. I think he’s hungry, and maybe he has a shooey diaper. –smart and caring 3 1/2 yr old big brother.


Sept 18: Morning snuggles. 


Sept 18: Four weeks with Charles Samuel Joyner in our arms this side of heaven. Charlie, you likely have no idea how much you were prayed for. One day, you will. We are incredibly thankful that God purposed you to stay with us here. I still daily think about your 2 siblings that are enjoying heaven already. I often wonder what you smile about in your slumber. Do you see Jesus in your sleep? Do you get glimpses of heaven? I’ll never know. Sweet Charlie, I’m glad you are here and pray for many more weeks and months and years with you. You are so loved!!

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Sept 20: There is no lullaby as sweet as mommy and daddy’s heartbeat. Sleep well, my Charlie.


Sept 21st: Today, Charlie is 1 month old!

He is growing a lot! Not sure of his weight, but he is definitely filling out and getting longer. This month, he had his first cold (thank you big brother and preschool), and made it through that like a trooper. His nightly anthem is “I need thee every hour” … The last few nights, though, he has slept better at night, going 2-2 1/2 hrs between feeds (I think–I don’t watch the clock–I just know I actually fell asleep between feedings). He progressed from the cradle to the pack-n-play in our room. He’s the only one of ours that has ended up getting his limbs through the slats in the cradle and getting mad at that. Hence the move. He is a pretty laid back baby overall–except when he was sick. Lots of crying! He loves his siblings and they adore him! He sleeps through everything during the daytime—loud, loud, loud. Hope that stays!

Yes, his hair looks red in the picture. No, I don’t think he is actually a red-head. All of our kids looked a little strawberry blondish initially in certain lights or certain backgrounds, so I figure he’ll likely be the same. I think this red head is definitely courtesy of the chair background.


Sept 21: Some other pictures that had been on my camera (so this is not the date they were taken)

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Sept 21st: Colby being knighted. Earlier, I charged Abriella as a lady in waiting. Fun history!


Sept 22: Yep, I am leaving him there to sleep. Sometimes, a big shooey diaper is exhausting. (The changing pad is on the floor, so no worries).


Sept 24th: Charlie loves to hang out with mama. He does sleep well in the pack n play, too, but it’s nice to keep him close a lot, too. Babywearing is one of my faves.


Sept 25: Just relaxing for an evening bath.


Sept 26th: Happy Fall Y’all!
(Nevermind that we are sweating in our summer clothes…)


Sept 29: A friend posted this on FB. She is another friend in Hope Mommies.

In February, I had the honor of rooming with this beautiful woman at the hope mommies retreat. This precious baby was so little in her belly but oh have they been prayed over. She asked me on Sunday if I had any hope boxes and I did so today we met up in the middle of a longer drive and I got to enjoy conversations, get some tiny baby snuggles and watch my daughter ooh and ahh. I’m so blessed by this community and as sad as it is to know that the box is for another heartbroken mama, I am so grateful that we come together like this. #toGodbetheglory#hopemommies #sisterhood — with Jennifer Miller Joyner.


Ok, Charlie is up from his nap. This is all for now! 🙂





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