Nov 2015 Pictures

Ok, here’s to more catch-up.

Nov 2: Nice day to do school outside.

Nov 4: Charlie is enjoying school outside again.
“Mommy, take a picture of me and Charlie.”
Nov 5: Pa-pa and Grandma Joyner and Aunt Cindy came to visit.
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Fun exercise in the Joynerzone!
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Nov 6: Quick visit from Great Grandma Joyner, Great Aunt Cindy, and Pa-pa.
These two share a birthday. This is Colby’s Great Grandma Joyner. This is the first time they’ve met in person.
Nov 14: Fun birthday party today! Yes, Ridley was there, too, but didn’t want to ride the horse or touch the animals
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Nov 15: This is how I’m able to fold clothes.
Nov 16: He likes to hang out in my lap for school.
Nov 18: A nice warm bath after a very fussy day always helps!

Nov 19:

Hi, friends! Smile today! And, smile with your whole body so all pictures of you are blurry!(Yes, I need to quit being lazy and get out the real camera instead of the smart phone).


Nov 19: Thanksgiving feast with Ridley (and Charlie). Also went to eat lunch beforehand with the olders, but failed to take a picture.


Ridley with his teacher, Mrs. Andrea!


Nov 20: Isn’t this how you like to sleep?! Cherishing him napping with me during school, but also looking forward to him taking longer naps in his bed, too.


My boys! ♥


Nov 21: This big guy is 3 months old today! He adds so much joy to our house! He smiles and talks to us more and more. He often likes to visit with mommy and daddy after the other kids go to bed. But, he does sometimes go to sleep for the night shortly after they do, too.

He still doesn’t care to sleep in his bed for naps much during the day. He sleeps great in his bed at night though. He sleeps long stretches at night most nights, but still occasionally does some frequent wakings, which is completely normal. He’s still sleeping in the pack n play in our room. His nursery upstairs remains unoccupied. We enjoy having him in the room with us! None of our others stayed in our room near this long! smile emoticon

He is moving into 3-6 month clothes now. We fully cloth diaper him during the day, but haven’t converted at night. No good reason for that.

He is looking more and more like his brothers as he gets older. Definitely a Joyner boy!

He is about as sweet as they come! He is the most easy going baby of all of ours, which is such a blessing, being the 4th! We love him so much!! His siblings still adore him!! Happy 3 months, Prince Charles!

(We completely put the wrong stuffed animal with him in this picture this morning. haha!)


Nov 22: He looks so much bigger already! These were taken when he was 8 days old!


Where the Wild Things Are anyone?? Thank you to Nan Smith for the awesome outfit! He rocked it at church this morning!


Nov 23: Two good naps in his bed today! We’ll do this one while mommy cooks!


Nov 26: Exciting game of UNO with Grandma.


Grandma and Charlie talking


Nov 28: Today’s car ride home was heaps better than on the way to Grandma’s!


More pictures from when Charlie was 8 days old.


Nov 29: Abriella getting her ears pierced. The deed is done. Can’t say I was overly impressed with our Claire’s experience, but it’s done now. The picture story is fun to look through here.



Ok, that’s all for November. Next post will be December. Yes, these are all from my facebook account if you are there. I just want to save these somewhere besides there.



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