36 weeks

First, I added some belly shots from today. The biggest difference you’ll notice is that my tummy is expanding to the sides. I’m getting more of a wide load! haha! I’m getting more and more uncomfortable every day. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Abriella is probably way more squished and uncomfortable than I am! She sure seems like it by the way she pokes out everywhere! Soon enough, she’ll have all the room in the world to stretch out!

We had official maternity pictures done today. Amanda’s (our friend down the street) sister takes pictures. She brought all of her stuff down and set it up in Amanda’s living room. She took a lot of pictures. We’re anxious to see how they turned out! I think we’re gonna have a hard time narrowing it down to what we want to get. But, we wanted to capture the pregnancy in this way. I know some of our family thinks it’s weird, but we think it’s really cool, and will be special to have that documented in that way. Anyway, we’re glad we did it!

Well, I have one last day of work! I work on Tuesday and that’s it! I’m looking forward to some good naps prior to Abriella’s arrival! This will the last time that I’ll get to do that for a while! I’m very excited!

Well, I hope everyone has a great 4th of July! We’ll be attending the Belton Parade provided we don’t get washed away. We sure have been getting a lot of rain lately! Lots of people around the area have had lots of flooding and damage. On the news last week, it said that we have had 10 times more rain this year than Seattle! (or was it 20 times…I think it was 10). Either way, that just seems weird when everyone knows it rains a ton in Seattle! Anyway, we’re doing fine ourselves. No damage. Guess we live on a hill somewhat.

Well, that’s all for now! Have a great week everyone!

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