It just warms my heart in a special way when I hear that word from my baby girl! She’s known how to say this for a long time, but she has chosen to call me Da-da instead up until a few weeks ago. Hearing “Momma” is just the sweetest thing ever. I’ve been waiting for 15 months to hear her call me that regularly. It’s really sweet when she’s walking towards me with her arms wide open for a hug while saying it over and over. I LOVE IT!!

She has also started using “no” more often in the correct context, as in when she doesn’t want to do something. She’s said the word for months and months (it’s one of the first words most kids know!), but really it was just repeating what we were saying, which is what they do most of the time for a while. I love it when they actually know what they are saying. Anyway, it really started when we would ask her if she was ready to get out of her bath, and she would sit down, and in a drawn out way, say, “nnooo.” Pretty funny in that situation, but she’s starting to use it more and more, and I can see that it’s not going to go the way we’d like it to before very long. Ah, the wonderful stages.

She also loves to “go” places. The other morning, she packed up her little Dr. Seuss bag with several toys and I hear her saying, “go. go. go. go.” and it started to get more distressed. I found her standing at the front door with her bag over her shoulder and pointing outside. I don’t know where she wanted to go at 8 in the morning in her PJs with her bag when it was really quite chilly outside. I had to convince her that we would go somewhere later. This morning, in church, she also let us know when she was ready to “go.” Janet was holding her, and Abriella was being really good, but then she said “go” pretty loudly and pointed towards the back door. So, she was passed down towards me and Stephen and I asked her if she wanted to go play, which is what I say when we take her to the nursery, and she nodded her head big time. Alas, that’s where she wanted to go. Hey, whatever works.

We really enjoyed our visit with David and his fiance, Janet. They are getting married November 29th. She is great, and Abriella liked her as well. It’s pretty hard to compete with Papaw, but she edged a little closer to Abriella’s heart with her jewelry. She had Janet’s watch, bracelet, and necklace on a lot. Doesn’t take much to become a toddler’s friend! Abriella got lots of loving this weekend, and thankfully, she’s on the mend, so she was very pleasant this weekend.

We decided not to take her to the Halloween party on Friday night, or any kind of trick or treating. It’s not like she knows she missed anything! But, we could see that she finally was started to act more like herself on Friday afternoon, although she still looked bad with her red, puffy eyes, and runny nose, and rash. But, we figured another good night’s sleep would do her wonders, and it did. It was a good decision for sure. She still has a little runny nose, but the red eyes were gone on Saturday when she woke up, and the rash is less everyday. I expect it to be gone completely very soon. So, we’ll just gear up for Halloween next year!

Does anybody else hate the time change? I used to like the “Fall back” time since we got an extra hour. Of course, little ones don’t quite get that. Even though we put her to bed an hour later, she didn’t know she was supposed to get up an hour later too! So, bright and early at 5:30 this morning, she was up (she didn’t know it wasn’t 6:30!)! And, she was TIRED!! We left her in there for a little while, hoping she would go back to sleep, but there is only so much ignoring we could do when we had guests in the house too. Tomorrow morning, she will be left until after 6am if she wakes that early again, to help her to transition to the new time. Hopefully, she’ll get back to her 6:45-7am wake up time soon!

In other news, I think my nausea may be ending. (Knock on wood). I’ll be 12 wks on Tuesday, and I may actually be done with this by the end of the first trimester. How awesome would that be?! Still feeling fatter everyday. Fantastic. I’m really going to have to find some winter maternity clothes before too long. I have all spring/summer maternity clothes! Hopefully, I can borrow some.

Well, I’m on the laptop. No pictures here. I’ll try to get some posted later. This was just a wordsy post. Sorry if that bores some of you.

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3 Responses to Momma!

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Right now you are glad she is calling you “Mama”, but there may come a time when you will think, “Ugghh, my name again!”” ha!ha! Glad Abriella is feeling much better!

  2. Papaw says:

    As usual, you guys were the very best of hosts! Janet and I loved every minute. If Abriella was any cuter she’d be an angel! Keep up the GREAT work loving her, God, and each other!

  3. Amy (Hurd) Bilski says:

    Hey! I think I have some winter maternity clothes. I can send them if you want to borrow them. Just email or facebook me to let me know. Your little girl is so cute! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

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