Official Due Date is Today!

So, Abriella was “due” today! Weird to think that I could’ve still been pregnant at this time. But, even weirder to know that she’s already been with us for 3 weeks now! Crazy! We’re so glad that she’s here with us though!

She has become a little “high needs” lately though, as in the last couple of days! She has decided to eat all the time, and not sleep! This has led to two very tired parents! Saturday night was a real challenge. I definitely woke up daddy to involve him in the “fun!” She was having tummy pains at that time, so he got up to walk her around. But, she wanted to eat all night long too. Then, when our alarms went off at 8am for church, we both groaned, and were like “no way!” We were exhausted, so we decided to bypass the worship with others. Abriella finally decided to sleep around this time, and she slept until about 12:30ish or so! We slept ’til about 11 ourselves! However, when she woke up, she decided to stay up the rest of the day and eat and eat until time for church in the evening, at which time, she decided she was hungry again, so we were late to church undoubtedly. She fell asleep and was a perfect angel at church (so people think she’s just the perfect baby!), and she slept for about 3 1/2 hours or so! So, we figured…great, she’ll sleep good during the night. Well, she has been staying awake for about 2 hours every night from about 12 to 2 or 1-3 or 2-4 or some variation of that. It gets so tiring! You don’t want to encourage it by playing with her, but then you just sit there too and she feeds off and on, and then works on dirty diapers during that time as well. But, she doesn’t want to sleep! Uggh! High needs! haha.

Oh, we also decided on Saturday night during all that fun that it was time for her to move out of our room. So, last night, she slept in her cradle in the sitting room. We set up the monitor, so you still get to hear her noises, but not to the magnitude as when she’s right beside you. Well, daddy says he heard it all through the monitor. I thought it was better, however, she still woke up a lot!

Ah, and then there are the diaper changing adventures! I have changed a lot of diapers in my life with babysitting and working the church newborn nursery for like 6 years. However, I have never had as many mishaps as with Abriella! This morning made the 2nd time that she projectile pooped across the room while I was trying to clean her bottom before putting the new diaper on! GROSS! It hit the wall both times in different places and was just all over the place! Breastfed baby poop is runny and can shoot really far apparently! She also has pee’d on both of us several times. That also is projectile. I thought only little boys did that! Not so! We’re both scared to change her diapers. You think she’s “done,” but then she lets more rip as you’re changing her. Uggh again!

Ah, the adventures of parenthood that nobody can really prepare you for, I guess. As for the breastfeeding, that is still painful. I’m still waiting on that to get better. Some days it is, but then it hurts more the next day. However, mostly, it bothers me the most at night, and that could be because I’m tired and have nothing else to occupy my mind. I don’t know. We’re hanging in there though. It will get better soon, hopefully.

Well, that’s all for now. Abriella says hi to everyone! She’s probably laughing that she’s making her parents more fatigued each day! haha. We love her dearly though!

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