Trial Run at Pictures

So, Abriella had a full 20 minute nap in the car today. That’s all she had ALL DAY, and we were to have pictures taken today by Sara of Sara’s Studio (check that site out…you might even recognize a few people!). Well, I was a little concerned with my sleep deprived child (always warranted). Uggh. Always on picture days! Anyway, she and I had a trial run in our yard with her outfit. I was trying out a couple of different things with the outfit, i.e. I ended up putting her in tights that were 0-6 months (that sagged to her knees practically because they were too short) rather than the ones in these pictures (6-18 months…what kind of range is that anyway!?) since they were all saggy. ANYWAY, I got a few good smiles out of her, so I thought I’d post them. In case you see this dress in a Christmas card, act like you’ve never seen it before! By the way, I’m sure Sara’s pictures will be much better since she actually knows how to use the cool settings on her camera! (And to Melissa, I know you probably can see that the coloring looks all wrong, but she was completely washed out for some reason in the original, and I tried to mess with the brightness on my very simple editing program…).

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3 Responses to Trial Run at Pictures

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Well, she’s a cutie no matter what!

  2. Chrissy says:

    Her dress is really pretty!!

  3. Holly says:

    I think that saggy tights are a right of passage for little girls. She looks adorable.
    Aaron did get your message and is going to send you the sodium hydroxide for the test, he just keeps forgetting, even though he has it on a list on his desk of things to do. I’ll try to remind him when I go with him on Monday for class so he can get that sent off to ya. It will be fun to see what the results are.

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