Noisy Baby

Babies make some of the weirdest noises. Our baby is definitely a grunty baby! Seems like we spend a lot of time with her grunting trying to get poo or gas out! Seems she works so hard for all those nasty liquid poops. But, the pediatrician who wrote The Happiest Baby on the Block says that newborns don’t quite know how to relax their spincter, so it’s like they’re pushing against a brick wall many times, so that’s why they work so hard at it! Yuck! Obviously, they grow out of that after a few months. Then, she has what we call “her little old man noises.” She makes these noises like an old man clearing his throat. It’s pretty funny. Then, she has her squeaks and burps that are pretty entertaining as well. And, she snores sometimes too. Plus, I’m just amazed when a baby can cry so loudly, but still be asleep. What kind of dream, or nightmare, is she having?? It’s just amazing all the noises that babies make. And, they just have no problems pooting and burping and grunting in public places, especially church. What a life. We’ve managed to get her out of the auditorium before she makes too many of those noises thus far. But, the time will come, I’m sure, when the little old ladies in church will try hard to stifle their laughter when hearing our baby make outrageous noises during church!

And, along similar lines, babies make great facial expressions. Smiles, frowns, grimaces, smirks, etc, all mostly while she’s sleeping! We tried to get some of it on video last night. You just wonder what kinds of things they are thinking or dreaming about to make those oh so sudden facial expression changes. Very fun to watch.

Well, I’m “wearing” Abriella today. She’s sleeping in her sling that I’m wearing. She seems to always be much happier being close to her mommy, of course! But, it’s like she’s in her “4th Trimester” as the good pediatrician in that book says. She’s used to being rocked, carried, etc for 24-7 like in the womb, and her time got greatly cut down when she came into this world. So, she still likes that at this point while she gets through her first 3-4 months of life, and gets used to life on the outside. You cannot spoil them in the first 4 months of life, so hold them as much as you can.

Well, I should get off and feed the baby! Hope everyone is having a good week!

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