Roof Roof!

Today, they are going to start replacing our roof. This is all due to the lovely hailstorms we had earlier in the year. Joy, joy! Can’t wait to hear all the banging!! Thankfully, my friend is out of town, and has graciously offered to let us use her house for naps. Hopefully, they will be done with this roofing thing by the weekend. We’ll see.

On another note, it is COLD here! BRRRR!! Not really a fan of it, honestly. And, Friday night, I’m going to be a part of a group singing outside for a couple of performances for Christmas on the Chisolm Trail here in town. Not sure how fun that will be unless it warms up just a tad!

Next Tuesday, I have my big ultrasound. This made me nervous last time. We just pray for a healthy baby. Finding out the gender is fun, but I really want to see all parts intact and functioning. But, for all that care to take a guess, let me know what you think we’re having! Just put it in your comment and we’ll see who is on the correct team after Tuesday. Ok, that is if this one cooperates and is NOT modest. Abriella was modest, so hopefully, this one doesn’t take after big sister.

Ok, I don’t know what is wrong with our picture thing, but hopefully, I can get that fixed soon. Maybe I can get a couple of pictures to show up here though. Have a great day!

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