Tuesday Update

So, we had our 6 week appointment yesterday. I’m all healed up, and Abriella is growing. I don’t believe the weight that the midwife who saw us said, so I’m gonna re-weigh her on my friend’s scale. That midwife (I guess that’s what she was. She never introduced herself to me!) wasn’t very good. I wasn’t too impressed with the appointment. It truly seemed a waste of my time for what she did, or didn’t do! Anyway, hard to believe that it’s already been 6 weeks!

Well, Abriella and I accompanied daddy to one of his softball games on Friday. Daddy hit a homerun! That’s the only one he has hit so far, and she was there to see it! HA! Ok, so maybe she was sleeping at the time, but we’ll say she saw it! Daddy has a softball game every night this week. They’re making up for lots of games that were rained out earlier in the season. We haven’t gone to any other games. It seems to be more work for me to drag her to a ballgame at this point.

Today, I got a haircut. I got it cut pretty short, and it’s layered nicely and so forth. I really like it. I came out of there looking like a new woman! My friend, Amanda, watched Abriella while I went to the salon. She was an angel for Amanda, so that was good! Amanda has a 21 month old named Bethany. I think I’ve mentioned that before. Well, Amanda said that as soon as I dropped Abriella off, Bethany started going to her toybox and was taking out all of her toys and showing them to Abriella one by one! I’m sure Abriella was really impressed! haha! Also, Amanda states that Bethany learned today that you don’t get in a sleeping baby’s face and yell, “WAKE UP!!” Apparently, it didn’t bother Abriella too much, but Bethany got a spanking for it! Aren’t kids great?! Bethany is very smart. I just enjoy listening to her talk and so forth. She’s very verbal. We started teaching her to say “Abriella” sometime during my pregnancy. She does say it, but it’s not quite right, but we always know who she’s asking about. She says something like “Abbwella.” I’d say that’s pretty good for a 21 month old! She can’t even say her own name well yet either. She says something like “Beffy,” or sometimes she says, “Beffuhfy.”

Anyway, Abriella was better in the 2nd half of last week. She slept a lot and would get up and then sleep some more. I guess she’s growing! Sunday was kind of hard. I tell ya, Sundays are just not fun with babies. She doesn’t completely have a schedule, but she’s close to one, and church just doesn’t fit into that yet! She was messed up the entire day, and her naps kept getting interrupted for us to go to church or whatnot. Poor baby! She was so exhausted that she couldn’t go to sleep for a while, but then she slept for like 4 1/2 hrs for her first part of the night once we finally got her to go down.

She’s doing good at night lately. She’s been going anywhere from 3-4 1/2 hrs between feedings! That’s nice! And, she’s been a little more efficient the last couple of nights. I get up, feed her, burp her, change her, rock her, feed her some more, etc, and then put her down. We’ve done that anywhere from 30-45 minutes the last couple of nights, whereas it used to be more like 1 1/2 hrs or more every time. So, hopefully, this will only get better.

So, our friends had a garage sale this past weekend. I decided to go through my closet and get rid of a few things. Well, let me tell ya, it’s probably not the wisest idea to go through your closet at 5 1/2 weeks postpartum, but I made the mistake of doing it. I got rid of a LOT of clothes. You might be thinking that maybe I was premature in doing this, but many of these clothes were “borderline” in how they fit before I got pregnant, so I figured I might as well not fool myself into thinking that I might wear those again one day. So, Stephen let me go shopping for a few clothes on Saturday, especially since it was tax-free weekend. So, that was a little depressing to see how clothes fit, or didn’t fit, me! But, I got a few things so that I’m not continuing to wear maternity clothes all the time! Anyway, so as to aim towards smaller clothes sizes, Amanda and I resumed our walking ritual last night. I felt better just after walking one night! It’s funny because now our roles are reversed. She’s pregnant now, and I’m not! We try to keep each other healthy though! Plus, it’s a good time to get out of our houses (away from the babies!) and have some adult time to talk and vent or whatever. It’s nice.

Well, I guess I’ll quit babbling for now. Just thought I’d give a general update on various happenings. Have a great week!

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