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Melissa, you were the only accurate vote!! You are the winner!! I have to say that I was with you, though. I have thought it was a boy almost the entire time, despite the pee test. Yes, those results took me by surprise and made me question it a little bit, but I still thought it was likely a boy. Here’s why:

First, this pregnancy has been very different from last time. I know that doesn’t always mean anything, but it made me think boy.

Second, I had a dream early on in pregnancy (before I took the pee test) and it went like this. There were a lot of pregnant women and we were all doing the IntelliGender test (just like the pee test I did), and the results were written on our bellies. I know, weird, but it was a dream. Anyway, in the dream, my results came out girl, and I was saying how I was so surprised because I felt sure it was a boy. Well, then, we all got an envelope that told us what we really were having based on an ultrasound. Well, I opened mine, and it said “boy.” Weird, huh.

Third, I had a dream just last night about out sono, and they also told us it was definitely a boy.

So, there ya have it. This little guy was not shy today, and just shared his stuff for all to see. And, as the sonographer said, everything “looked perfect!” Abriella went with us to the sonogram, and we asked her if she wanted a baby brother, and she nodded her head and said, “yeah!”

Also, Saturday was the first time I knew for sure I felt movement at 17 4/7 wks. And, he’s strong! It wasn’t like the first movements I felt of Abriella. I didn’t feel Abriella until 19 5/7 wks. With her, I had an anterior placenta so I feel that is one reason I didn’t feel her before then, but it was still a normal timeframe when I did feel her. Well, with this guy, I told Stephen that I felt my placenta probably wasn’t anterior, and sure enough, it’s not. So, I’m not such a dummy afterall!

Well, enough babbling. Here’s the money shot:

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