Double Chin

So, Miss Abriella has a nice double chin now. How is it that when you get older, that’s not cute anymore?! We love the rolls and double chins on babies, but adults…. well. Anyway, yesterday, I weighed Abriella on my friend’s scale, and she weighed 9 lbs 7oz! She has gained over 3 pounds since birth. Today, she is 6 wks and 3 days old. I’m pretty proud of her continued weight gain! Shows that she’s definitely getting enough of mommy’s milk!

Yesterday, she went to the pool for a little bit for playgroup. The girls in the young marrieds class at church have a playgroup once a week. Yesterday, we went to the neighborhood pool of one of the girls. Abriella was sleeping in her carseat in the shade while I was in the pool, but she woke up, and didn’t want to miss anything. So, I put some baby sunscreen on her, and then covered her up with a light blanket and took her in the pool. The only thing that got in the water was her feet. Anyway, she fell asleep in my arms. But, she had a swimsuit on, so she was prepared for the pool! It was a swimsuit of mine as a baby. So, the suit was a little big, and the straps seem to be disintegrating, but she still looked cute!

On another side note, sadly, I believe she has a receding hairline. haha. I do believe her lovely baby hair is not going to stay with us! Makes me very sad. Her hair seems to be getting longer in the back, but not on top! So, it will be interesting to see what happens to it. She’s still extremely cute!

I’ve added a few more pictures today. Enjoy!

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