Just a Few Things

So, Mr. Colby is very strong! I was not feeling Abriella move like this for quite a while. I believe the position of the placenta does have a lot to do with that. Anyway, yesterday at a day shy of 19 wks, I felt him from the outside.  Stephen didn’t really believe me, as it was sometime in the 20s weeks that he felt Abriella from the outside. He believed me last night though. He was awed! Of course, he followed it up by saying that he knows where the boy gets his strength from—daddy,  of course!

He also is measuring bigger than Abriella did at this point. On the day of our ultrasound, he was measuring a week bigger, and weighed in at 10 oz at 18 wks. Abriella weighed 8 oz at her sono, which was at 19 wks. I hope this guy doesn’t continue on this growing bigger trend! He can grow big on the outside! haha!

So, I really have to say I love the age that Abriella is at right now. It really is fun. She repeats pretty much all words, and is doing a pretty good job at saying them well.  Then, there are some phrases she says that I think I’ll be sad when she says them correctly. We always tell her we love her, and she replies with “Luh Loo” which is just absolutely precious! Love, love, love it!

She also did something pretty funny last night. She hadn’t pooped all day, which is unusual for her. So, there are times when you tell her she needs to go poo poo that she will in just a few minutes. It’s almost like she can do it on command. Well, it was getting close to bedtime, so I told her she needed to try to poo poo before bedtime. Well, first she goes into her play room and literally pretends to do her business. She came running, just giggling, proud of her acting abilities. Then, she decides that she will go sit on her potty in the bathroom to poo poo. Let me remind you, we are not doing any kind of potty training. There is just a potty in there that she sits on some when I’m in there. Well, she went in there, starts to get situated on her potty (fully dressed, mind you, as I never even depants her to sit on it), and then she waves bye to Stephen, and she made him close the door! haha! We hear her messing around in there, and then she comes to the door wanting to get out. But, then, she decides she’s not done, so she tells him bye again and she closes the door again. It was pretty funny. However, even with all of these activities, she never did poop. It was just funny that she tried to act like she would. I guess she just didn’t have it in her….

Well, tomorrow, we will trek to Arkansas in our minivan. We have lots of Veggie Tales lined up for the ride! Looking forward to seeing my Mom and Grandma, and I know they’re excited to see Abriella!

Ok, a few pictures for Grandma until we get there tomorrow!

Helping Daddy unload the dishwasher:

Climbing into and onto things:

Ok, that’s all folks. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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