All Smiles

So, my mom asked me if she is smiling yet. Well, early this week, Stephen thought she smiled at him. Then, on Wednesday, I thought she smiled at me. Then, this morning (when she should’ve been going back to sleep), she smiled at me, and I told Stephen to come, and then she smiled again at both of us! We both agreed that it was a true smile. It was kind of a half mouth smile then. But, then, mid-morning, she did a full mouth smile at me! So, we’re starting to get into more of the fun stages hopefully!

On another note, it appears as if she might have a little bit of eczema, which we can blame daddy for! He had it as a baby/kid too. I asked my friend, Amanda, what she did for her baby when she was initially cursed with it. So, we’re going to buy a few different creams and see if we can’t help her out. It’s not very extensive at this point. I just noticed it under her hair on one side of her head and then at the nape of her neck. Stephen agreed that it looked like eczema. Doesn’t seem to be bothering her at this point, so that’s good.

Nat drove into town today. He’s visiting for the weekend. He and Stephen are out playing tennis right now. Yep, poor mama gets stranded at home with the baby again! haha! That’s ok. She’s sleeping right now. We plan to all go to see Stephen play softball here in a couple of hours. Hopefully, he’ll hit another homerun!

I posted a couple of pictures. I sleep her on her tummy for her naps during the day when I can watch her. You’re supposed to sleep them on their back now due to the research on SIDS, which showed a drastic decrease in SIDS when babies were placed on their backs to sleep. Anyway, she likes her tummy for naps. It’s funny though that she always ends up in one of the corners of her cradle. Usually when she gets all the way to the end and her head it bumping into the bumper (that sounds funny), she wakes up a little irritated. We always ask her where she’s going! She has yet to answer us!

Anyway, that’s all for today!

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