Halfway There!

I know, I still have lots of blogging to do to sufficiently catch up. Just wanted to document that today I am 20 wks pregnant! Halfway there! Or…if we do things like last time and deliver at 37 wks, I am a bit over halfway! (I’m not holding my breath on that early delivery though, don’t worry). Still feeling good. What a difference from last time! I actually sometimes “forget” that I’m pregnant, except for the getting bigger part and the kicking guy on the inside… But, with Abriella, I was sooo uncomfortable and miserable that I NEVER forgot what was going on! LOL!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a great time in Arkansas with my family. Abriella LOVES her Ga-ga (translate: Grandma). The drive to and fro were l-o-n-g, but we made it! I’ll post pics and try to catch up on blogging soon!

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