Picture Fun

Yesterday, we had an actual photo session by someone other than ourselves for our sweet Abriella. So, she had been just wonderful all day, and was good in the evening too, but when it came to getting pictures, well…let’s just say that we hope we got a COUPLE of good pictures! She decided that was not what she wanted to be doing! It was tiring for both Stephen and I as we tried to get her to stop crying and cooperate. Not so easy for a 7 wk old baby. We’ll see how they turned out. Sara (the photographer, who also happens to be Amanda’s sister) said that if there were no good pictures in the bunch, that she’d redo the pictures. Hopefully, that won’t be necessary.

We’ve moved up in sizes on her diapers again. The others were making red marks on her thighs where it was too tight! haha. Poor baby has thunder thighs! Well, I had changed to the bigger size, but then we had 1 of the previous size still left, so we decided not to waste it, and we put it on her. Well, I was sitting her up after feeding her to burp her. Well, I smelled the lovely poo smell that has become all too familiar. I looked at her backside, and realized that it had come out the back of her diaper and was also in MY LAP! YUCK! Stephen was standing there, and he just started cracking up! I was not laughing quite as hard as he was. But, earlier, he got poo on his hand at the photo session before we got a diaper back on her (we had done a few of the naked baby pictures and she did good and didn’t pee or anything on the sheet she was laying on). But, she got daddy before we were able to get her fully diapered up again. hehe. The joys of parenthood.

Her eczema (or at least that’s our diagnosis) is practically all cleared up already. We are using cetaphil cleanser for her baths. We don’t use washclothes except for some areas, but rather, we use our hands to bathe her. Then, before she’s fully dry, we lather her from head to toe with cetaphil cream. That keeps the moisture in. Seems to be working wonders for her. Also, there seem to be two schools of thought for bathing them when they have eczema. Some say only to bathe them 2 or 3 times a week, but still to lotion them up everyday. Others say to bathe them every day. Right now, we’re doing the every night thing. Seems to be working. She just loves her baths so much that we hate to cut back on them so much.

Today, we put her in her Bumbo seat , and she just loved it! She’s also getting to where she likes rattles too. We got some good video of her, and we are hoping to make some copies of it for the grandparents! We were hoping she’d smile during that, but I think she was concentrating so much on holding her head up and watching the rattle to do anything else. She almost smiled, but not quite.

She continues to sleep good at night, so that’s a blessing. Makes mama happy!

So, this week is a week of birthdays for my familia. Tuesday is Michael’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL! Then, Wednesday, is my Mom’s birthday. HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY, MOM!!

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great week!

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