Why Cry?

So, why is it that babies cry and whine when they are tired? Why can’t they just close their eyes and go to sleep? But no. Instead, they want to fight it and make you work hard to get them to sleep. Walking, rocking, singing, etc. And, our baby doesn’t really like you to sit in a rocking chair until she’s almost totally asleep. She wants you to STAND up with her. That gets tiring. I know our child is not the only one like this. I think many kids fight sleep. Stephen keeps trying to convince Abriella that if there is something important he will be sure to wake her up so she doesn’t miss it! haha! She hasn’t taken that to heart just yet though.
I think she’s in her 3 month growth spurt. She is eating and sleeping a lot, and isn’t too interested in playing like normal. That growing stuff is hard work! She did play a lot this morning though. Who knows?

I moved things around in our house. Now, our front room is her playroom. I decided that it was better that way than to have her stuff all over the living room. Now, it’s all in one place. I moved the rocking chair into the living room. We had it there over Christmas last year, and Stephen liked it there because he could lounge back when watching football or whatnot. So, he has it back now. So, things look better now. Who knows, I might change it again next week! haha!

We think Abriella is sprouting some hair. She has some filling in on top. Now, she has a bald spot on the back of her head where she sleeps. But, there is a little bit of hair sprouting there too. But, it still looks kind of funny. Oh well. I don’t suppose we’re to the point of needing a wig yet! hehe.

We got Abriella’s halloween costume recently. She’s going to be an elephant ! HAHA! It’s really cute. (FYI–any word that is in red means it’s a link–click on it to see). We’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Well, that’s all for now. Have a good week!

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