Well, we might be crazy, but we really think Abriella is getting a tooth! We know that they are usually the front teeth first, and it’s a little early, but what we see is on the top right towards the back. I don’t know which tooth that is. Stephen and I have both eyed this white pokey thing coming through her gum up there. Could it really be a tooth!? Who knows? But, she has been fussy the last couple of days, whereas she usually isn’t like that. She has that cry like she hurts somewhere. Plus, she has been gnawing on her hand like there is nothing else, where she’s never done that before. Plus, she wouldn’t nurse laying on her right side. She would cry until we switched her to laying on her left. That has never happened before either! And, she wasn’t opening her mouth to latch on really well. So, we don’t know. But, today she is finally back to her old self. She’s not cranky today, she’s nursing like normal, and we still see that white thing up there and it is pokey (I’ve felt it with my finger). But, she is still reaching her fingers in her mouth and pushing them back to that right side to chew on them pretty vigorously! So, what do you think it is? Is it a tooth or are we crazy??? I guess we’ll find out soon enough if it continues to poke through more!

Well, as most of you know, most babies are born with blue eyes, and they don’t necessarily set their eye color until towards the first year. Well, we’ve been told by several people, including an opthamologist at church, that our baby has set her color already! How do they know that? These people all seem very confident of it. So, why do they think that? Stephen and I obviously don’t know, but it is a really pretty color, and I’d be thrilled for her eyes to stay this color. They aren’t exactly Stephen’s color, and they aren’t like mine either. They are close to Stephen’s color, though. So, once again, time will tell.

On other grosser news, we have noted a few Periplaneta americana in our house lately (3 so far, but who’s counting?). I’m not a fan of them at all! So, we talked to a guy at church who has a pest control business in town. He told Stephen the stuff to buy to spray in our house. Obviously, we could’ve had him come out and treat the house, but he said he didn’t mind telling people how to do it themselves. So, Stephen was up for the challenge. The stuff stunk, so Abriella and I went walking while he sprayed the house. So, we’ll see if any of the pesky critters return or not. They better not!

So, I’ve continued to rearrange things in the house, and I’ve also been putting lots of pictures up. I’m really enjoying that. What do you do when you have a second kid, when you already have so many pictures of the first hanging around? Not that we are having a second child at this time! No rumors please.

Anyway, I’ve babbled enough today. Hope everyone has a good day. I’ve added several pictures as well. Enjoy!

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